Fabulous Friday- Pinterest Edition!

Happy Friday everyone! And happy summer to those who (like me) finished up school this week. Helloooo senior year!


I have been spending most of my free time on Pinterest lately. Productivity for the win. <—not.


Confession: I never pin decorating stuff. I’m too darn lazy to make my space look pretty. But this is EXACTLY what I want my college dorm to look like.


The lights + the canopy+ the mint/gray combo+ the rug = ❤

Speaking of college, Marquette has people calling me to answer questions about applying!! Holy cow!! I wasn’t going to start my applications until August! Confession: I spend an embarrassingly large amount of time just looking at college websites.


My hair had been feeling super frizzy and all kinds of blah until I came across this pin. Her tips are perfect. I need to put on gel and scrunch my hair BEFORE I EVEN GET OUT OF THE SHOWER. Who knew??




This is the best idea in the history of ever.

I made it this morning with Whole Wheat bread, and coconut oil instead of butter, and it was SO PERFECT.

I made one for my sister with white bread. She is totally picky but she even liked it!

Of course I forgot to take pictures but oh well.

Go make it, now.

I’ll post pictures and exactly how I made mine on a later date. Winking smile


Another recipe! I tried out this Egg Bake the other day.


It ended up looking a little less pretty….

It was still pretty tasty. I’m not too sure I’ll make it again, the tomato/egg combo was a bit strange to me.


I’ve been trying my best to incorporate more and more plant based foods into my diet. I came across some stuff about factory farming the other day. I can’t believe I am supporting that as well as all the negative environmental impacts! I’m not becoming “vegetarian” at this point, but I am trying to be more conscious of my meat consumption and try to see other plant based alternatives!






Last but not least, does anyone have any good ideas for a gift for graduates?? Smile

I almost deleted this because my stomach looks chubby. But then I remembered it’s just my mind playing tricks on me, and nobody is looking at my tummy anyways. They are looking at my face. Speaking of that, please excuse my teary face. It was a sad day!


That’s all for today folks. Have a marvelous weekend!! Open-mouthed smile


Red heartEmily


Pumpkin Pie Lara Bar (recipe)

Just stopping by to share my new favorite fall recipe.

I love Lara bars. They taste like dessert and don’t cause my blood sugar to spike as fast as other snacks do. They are made of only a few whole, natural ingredients and are completely Paleo (gluten & dairy free!). There’s only one down side, the fun flavors are hard to find, and they can get expensive. 


I looked a little on Pinterest and I found that Lara bars aren’t very difficult to make. You know what’s in them because it says right on the package! I was inspired to try my own flavor. 

I’m a pumpkin kind of girl, and with fall right around the corner, I decided to create Pumpkin Pie Lara bars. 


Without further ado…

(makes ~6 lara bar sized bars)

-1/2 cup mixed nuts (almonds and cashews

-1.5 cups dates (pitted)

-2 tsp pumpkin spice

-1tsp vanilla

-1/2 Tablespoon coconut oil (softened) 

-sprinkle of (sea) salt.

Chop all nuts in the good processor. Add pitted dates and process. Add remaining ingredients and process. Spread in a small pan/Tupperware/Pyrex dish. Place in the fridge for 1 hour, then eat! 



What are your favorite fall recipes?