Quick & Easy hummus: A recipe review

The other day I came across this recipe for hummus on Pinterest:

Best Ever 5 minute Microwave Hummus

Now I’ve always wanted to try making my own hummus. I was out of hummus, and TJ’s stopped selling my favorite kind- horseradish!- so I figured it was a perfect time to try out the recipe.

I used a tablespoon of squeezable organic garlic, and just 1 tablespoon of olive oil (the good stuff my dad brings back from Portugal!)

I had to buy Tahini from the grocery store with different cultural foods.

The author of the recipe writes that she could eat this stuff with a spoon. I agree. It’s totally perfect.

I made it in the blender, which was perfect because this made a LOT of hummus! It blended perfectly in like fifteen seconds.

I made it two days ago and it’s more than halfway gone. Mostly consumed by me. Trust me, this stuff is as good as the recipe suggests.

I can’t wait to try it again. I need to experiment with mix-ins now. Where can I find horseradish???

My favorite way of eating it? Power veggie sandwich.

Spread your hummus on Ezekiel bread.

Be very generous. Serving sizes do not apply to homemade items because YOU CHOOSE YOUR SERVING SIZE. Hehe.

Cut up and add your favorite veggies. The more colors, the better. My weapons of choice included fresh spinach, yellow bell pepper, and grape tomatoes. I suggest normal tomatoes because the grape guys will fall out of your sandwich. P.S. I suggest adding avocado as well. When I made this sandwich again, I added some and it made it 100000x better.

Sandwich that baby and enjoy while sitting on the step in the front of your house. It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it.Winking smile


What recipes have you tried lately?

What are your thoughts on a plant based diet?

What is your favorite kind of hummus?

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Link Love

I’m officially on a band trip to New Orleans! I won’t be posting for this week, but enjoy your break and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (:

I thought this would be a perfect time to share some of my recent favorite posts from my favorite bloggers. Check them out.

Fitness is Sweet did a post series called 12 Days of Christmas to celebrate a year of blogging. I love this post where Aurora talks about the ways she has changed through blogging over the past year.

Cailee talks about pineapple in her superfoods series on Hello Healthy Eating. I love learning about why different foods are good for us- especially when they are delicious foods like pineapple!! Smile

Miranda made the CUTEST DIY project with recycled cider bottles!! This is such a creative project and they turned out great. Check it out on her blog, Lovely Wife Lovely Life.

Story of a Girl created the best wishlist that I’ve seen this year. Christmas may be over, but I got money and gift cards… Jessica has the best taste, seriously! Those flats… Winking smile

Leigha over at Minougirl put together an amazing recap of her 2013 running adventures. She is such an inspiration! She accomplished so much just in 2013!

Sunnie has a billion recipes that look totally delicious, but this one for an Apple, Sweet Potato, and Pecan salad was a must-share. Sunnie takes the most BEAUTIFUL pictures for her blog, Modern Girl Nutrition. I love her dog Zazu!

Speaking of food, The Healthy Maven recently did a round-up of her best recipes of the year. I pinned a few of them already. Davida has the best breakfast ideas!


I hope you enjoyed this little Link Love post and maybe found a few new blogs to read. Smile

Any links you would like to share?


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