WWW- Summer Books

Hello! Happy Wednesday!!

I’m not going to participate in WIAW, because honestly sometimes the comparison trap hurts me. And I eat a lot of food. Lots of noms. You don’t understand the amount of consumption I do. And I want to eat what I want without documenting it. So at this point in my life, no WIAW. I’m not ready enough for that kind of thing. But I do enjoy reading all of yours. This girl likes meal ideas!


So instead I found this little link up from a new to me blog called Plants and Pages. Kris has a great blog and I love her posts!! Smile



It’s pretty much 3 W’s…

1. What I ‘m currently reading

2. What I just finished reading

3. What I think I will read next

And since I’ve been reading a lot this summer, I had to do a post! Smile


Currently reading…

I just started Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I watched Forks over Knives recently and I have been really interested in factory farming and how the meat we eat becomes the meat we eat. I literally just started it yesterday though, so we will see how I like it!

Just finished….

Okay, I’m a nerd. But with APs and college visits (my last ones are this Friday & Saturday!) I picked this up and flew through it. I have to start on my college essays!

I can’t really review it because of what it is on, but it was a quick read and I learned a few things Smile

This book solidified my decision to go to a smaller school. It also made me think twice about the “6 hour rule” I have set for myself.

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

THIS BOOK. I read this one on my Nook. <—I can borrow library books on my nook- best invention ever!

Oh man. I loved this book. I love dogs and I love how this book wasn’t perfect and there were all these twists and turns and the perspective was amazing. Is this turning into a movie?? I saw something when I googled it to find the cover. This would be a goooooood movie. If they did it right. The story was fascinating. I tore through this. If anyone loves animals and realistic fiction/books about families and relationships, this is for you. The perspective is from the dog’s point of view. That’s what makes it so unique and great.

I was on kind of an animal streak after this one, so I picked up this off the new books shelf at the library.

Animal WIsdom by Linda Bender

This was definitely not an easy read. I’m not going to lie, I skipped parts of it. Since there wasn’t a story, it was hard for me to stay focused. However, it is really fascinating what Linda Bender knows about animals and what we can learn from them. It brought up a lot of things I had never considered about my dog in particular, but all animals really.

I’ve also read Reality Boy (Eh) and TFIOS (lived up to the hype!)


Next on my list….

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

When it comes in at the library, of course!

and perhaps Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein. It’s on the summer reading list at my school, and I tend to like the summer reading list books.



What have you read lately? Any suggestions? Smile

Are you a fiction or a nonfiction reader? I’m totally both, which is kind of weird!

What is your favorite running book? I want to be inspired.


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