Summer Running Goals

Hello everyone. Happy Friday!!

I have been sliiiiightly MIA for a few weeks now. Either I am too busy or having too much fun to blog, or I am struggling with eating and really don’t feel like blogging. Please forgive me!

A week ago I was on a Disney Caribbean cruise! My sister has all the pictures- but I will share some when I get my hands on them. Smile It was amazing, to say the least.



Pushing that out of my mind, today I completed my last running goal for the summer!
I wanted to

1. Run under 25 minutes for a 3 mile time trial

2. Complete the 9 mile loop at the local forest preserve (I actually wrote down 10 miles, I thought it was a ten mile loop!)

The first goal I actually completed on the cruise! Weird, right?? I tried to keep up with running by doing laps on the track on the boat, which worked pretty well. I ran with a cute guy a few days too which didn’t hurt Winking smile

There was a 5k on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island (!!) one morning, so of course I signed up!
It wasn’t too hot, but it was kind of humid, and as soon as the clock started, it POURED. The kind of rain where you can barely see in front of you and your shoes go Squish Squish with every step.

That was a MEMORABLE experience. I was running by myself, and I wanted to PR, since my 5k record was like 26 minutes or something.  I had kind of given up with the rain, but I tried to push through it! I guess I did because I ended with a time of 24:45! Not too shabby considering the rain and all. I’m really hoping that without the extra .1 I will be able to run under 24 for a 3 mile time trial in 2 weeks Smile


So today I completed the second goal! The 9 mile loop!

We added a mile at the end, because, well, when you are thaaaaaaaaaaaat close to double digits….

Before & After 10 mile pictures! Our first time!! Smile 

We went out to breakfast afterwards. I mean running ten miles deserves a good breakfast. I got lemon raspberry crepes. MMMMMM.

Crepes may be my favorite restaurant breakfast food.



Anyways, I’ve got a lot to do today! A long night at work and volunteering and running errands and starting college stuff (EVERYTHING STARTS TODAY!)


Gotta run! <— not literally. I already did that Winking smile


Longest distance you have ever run?

What were your summer goals?

Pancakes, waffles, crepes, or french toast????


Red heartEmily


Thursday Thoughts.

This post may be kinda all over the place.. Smile Please forgive me!


First, I’m just going to put this out there.

Andrew & I are taking a break. We have been for about a month now. We are broken up, I guess, officially, after 3 and a half years of being together. It was a mutual agreement. We just decided we didn’t want the stress of a relationship anymore. We still have been talking, and we don’t have any grudges. It’s just a life change. I’m independent for the first time in a long time and… it doesn’t feel that different. I guess that shows that the relationship needed to end. It’s a change, but I’m okay. It’s better this way.

One more thing- I decided not to do marching band this year. I had too much on my plate. I finally decided that putting my mental health first was my priority. I will miss marching band, but I need down time in my life to function and to be happy.


I am running again, after a month off! Summer running started Monday. Man, my body needs time to adjust to the humidity. It’s been a rough couple of days.

BUUUTTT today we had the mile threshold test. I didn’t PR, but we weren’t expected to (nobody did!). However, I did finish the mile in 7:10, running faster than girls who have PRs under 6:30!!

Food is making me stronger, now slower. I needed to see this.

I am so thankful for the amazing team I have. Both my therapist and my dietitian have really helped me. I had no idea I could be this much better. Last night, my dietitian talked with me on the phone for over an hour. I am so blessed!!

Question- How do you know when your running shoes are worn out? I think I may need new ones, but I didn’t track miles on mine.


What changes have you made in your life lately?

What quotes keep you going?

How do you prioritize your happiness?

Red heartEmily

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday!!! We did it weekendspringhappiness WHEE!

As far as running, the last two weeks have been life changing.

I am starting to really get faster. I’m becoming the strong runner I’ve always dreamed of being. I am so happy and so proud.


Fabulous is…. Breaking that goal. Last Wednesday I had my meet. THAT meet. My secret goal was to break 7:00. I was afraid to type it because I didn’t know I could do it. But I figured out what each of my laps had to be, and gave the times to a lovely teammate who told me when I was ahead, on track, and when I needed to pick it up. My coach was well aware of my goal and definitely said the right things at the right time.


I did it. My first official mile. 6:53.3.


I almost cried as soon as I finished. Partly because I wanted to throw up, but partly because I was proud. I had pushed myself more than I ever have before, physically and mentally. All my efforts thus far paid off. And you know what? That was my FIRST (official track) mile time. I’m only going to get better from there.

P.S. I was last in my race, yet I think I was the happiest at the finish line. Everyone has their own goals and dreams.


Fabulous is….a few pretty freaking awesome long runs. Last Saturday we did 5 miles, pretty fast (under 10:00 pace) and it was sunny and GORGEOUS. The varsity and frosh/soph girls were at a meet, so it was just the JV team and the slower underclassmen, but it was amazing and we got Panera afterwards. Smile

Not my picture, but I got the breakfast power bowl. It was delicious!


Fabulous is…. Butt-Kicking workouts- that actually went really well. Recently we did 1,000 repeats, 200 repeats, and a tempo run. I love 200m repeats because I was the fastest in my little group of runners. It was nice to be leading the pack instead of being the end! I like to switch things up Winking smile 


Fabulous is…. being named Athlete of the Week!! It’s just the 2nd week that they’ve named an athlete and I seriously almost cried when they named ME!! I know I’m not the fastest but I can’t believe they notice how hard I’ve worked and I guess I’ve been a positive influence on the team and stuff. Look, I got a sparkly poster!!! Star

Fabulous is…. IMAGINE DRAGONS CONCERT. nuff said.


Fabulous is…. my new & improved GPA. I retook a math class after freshmen year (I was 2 years ahead and shouldn’t have been!) and my counselor just told me that they could drop the credit. Goodbye unweighted C!! Now my cumulative is 4.0. That just sounds a million times better than 3.85, even though it’s a pretty small difference. I just have one more quarter left before I apply to colleges- scary!- so that will really help me out.

Fabulous is… YOGA CLASS! I finally (and I mean FINALLY) checked off that goal to attend a Yoga class. I got 15 classes for 50 dollars at the local studio my friend loves. Thank you, Groupon! Normally the classes are 10 dollars. I tried my first one on Sunday. Man, it was tough. My legs were shaking so much!! It was 75 minutes long and it was pretty vigorous. I loved it though. The room was hot, the teacher (a guy) was so accepting and helpful and positive, and I left the studio feeling accomplished and happy. I loved it and I’ll be going back.  I think Andrew is going to be the best boyfriend ever and come with me this week!

This is in the yoga studio Smile

Fabulous is… Spring. Happy Spring!! Red rose Maybe it’ll be warm now. Yesterday morning it snowed. My mom said “Maybe mother nature is going through menopause, but like backwards, with cold flashes instead of hot flashes.”

Hehe. Today is warm though and I am going to run in shorts and it is going to be the best thing ever.

What fabulosity did YOUR week consist of? Smile

Did you celebrate the first day of spring?

Smashed any goals recently?

Are you going to see Divergent when it comes out? (I hope I am!!)


Red heartEmily

The one that’s hard to write.

Wow. I looked at my blog today and realized it’s been a full week since I posted anything. How did that happen??
Happy Monday blogging family!
I had such a busy week.

Wednesday I went to the city with two friends and Andrew. We were supposed to go to Ohio Street Beach but then this happened…

It’s the middle of July in Chicago.

It ended up being the coldest day of the summer. Literally. 

We decided to go to Dick’s Last Resort and just walk around instead.
For those of you that don’t live near Chicago, Dick’s is one of those restaurants where the waiters are rude to you on purpose. It can be a little inappropriate for younger kids, but it’s a lot of fun if you don’t take anything too seriously (;

Part of the fun is the hilarious “hats”. I don’t really have a rash, I promise.

We walked to Water Tower Place and did what all cool teenagers do: Played with Legos.

Like my best friend’s tan? Lifeguard probs.

By the river! I was totally freezing.
Ah. That picture. To you it may just be a cute picture of us, but to me it really hurts. Here’s where this post takes a bit of an unexpected turn. Let’s venture into self esteem body eating disorder land. 
When I was younger, my parents fed me really healthy food. I had all my fruits and vegetables, and rarely ate packaged foods. My mom doesn’t “do” Organic, but she always fed us plenty of “real” foods. I only had desserts on “dessert nights” (friday, saturday, and sunday) and my desserts were definitely portion controlled. I was a really lean, healthy kid. Pretty perfect childhood, actually, as far as health goes.
Then middle school came and I had the ability to buy zebra cakes at lunch. This became almost a daily thing. But I was about 100 pounds so it didn’t really matter. 
Then, right after my 13th birthday, I was diagnosed with diabetes. In short, my father screamed at me, right after my diagnosis, telling me it was all my fault because I ate so much shit. 
My sister hated me, thinking she would never be able to eat “normal” foods ever again. 
None of that ended up being true. There was nothing I could have done to prevent getting Type 1 diabetes. It was DEFINITELY not caused by my diet. My sister could eat normal foods. So could I for that matter.
I just tried to stay happy. I saw the positive in every way I could. “Well, this is something that is going to make me stronger” “This makes me unique” “My vision cleared up for two weeks!” “At least it’s me, not my sister. I used to enjoy getting shots (because of the cool band-aids, duh) and she had panic attacks at the Dr.’s office”. 
For the most part, I was okay. There were some comments at school that left me crying in the bathroom instead of in Algebra, but I really was okay. 
What wasn’t okay was my relationship with food. I was suddenly forced into eating lots of healthy, low carb foods. I didn’t eat pizza or cupcakes (hard to count carbs for). At first, it was fine. 
Then I slowly realized that diabetes didn’t mean I couldn’t eat like a normal person. 
This was the start of my binge eating disorder. 
I dealt with stress by eating “bad” foods that tasted so good. Cookies. My absolute weakness are those packages of Keebler cookies. Like the fudge stripe ones? 
I would come home from school and eat half, if not more, of a package of these. Or whatever crap was lying around the house. Obviously this wasn’t every day, but it was a lot of days. I justified it with anything. I was sad? Food. Stressed? Food. Celebrating something? Food. The first two years of high school were the worst. They sell Zebra cakes in high school too. 
I watched the number on the scale creep up. My size zero jeans got too tight, then my 1/2s, then my 3/4s… I had made a promise with myself that if that scale said anything above 120, I would lose weight. I didn’t keep that promise. I waited until it said 130 until I actually made changes to my health.
I didn’t wake up one day and decide I needed to stop fueling my body with crap and start treating my body with respect. I did, however, wake up and decide I wanted to run
It started when I asked my dad to join him on his morning health club visits. I completed the Couch to 5k program. I was hooked. Obviously (I mean look at this blog…) I love running! 
Nutrition came second to running. Slowly I made active changes in my diet in order to improve my running. I know that healthy weight loss does and will make me a faster runner. It also makes me a happy, healthier person. 
I had missed so much school this past year because I was constantly, constantly sick. Infection after infection. I have no proof, but I believe it was all caused by the lack of nutrients from a nutritious diet. 
It’s been months since I’ve had a true binge. I am so proud of that, you really have no idea. I am fixing my relationship with food one day at a time
I say a “true” binge, because I have had setbacks! I still eat ice cream, sometimes a little more than I should. I have trouble controlling my portion or what I’m eating when my blood sugar is low- but that’s because my brain isn’t working properly. At camp this year, I definitely ate terribly, but not to the point where I felt so sick like I used to.
So what did I do? I added fruits and vegetables. I read blogs and follow instagrams and I am inspired. I choose the healthier option, when there is a choice. 
I stopped eating my “trigger foods”, such as anything Little Debbie, packages of cookies, and most cereals. When I have them, it never goes well, and I’ve found that it’s easier for me just to cut these foods out. 
I still enjoy treats like ice cream and homemade goodies. I don’t eat much LESS, I just eat smarter. 
This is how I was able to conquer my terrible relationship with food. Oh it’s far from perfect. But it’s so much better. 
And now I’m trying to lose some of the pounds that I put on in the past year. I know it’s tricky for a teenager to write these things so publicly. I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way. I am doing it the healthy way. I never EVER go under 1,300 calories (what my body needs just to function) and I listen to what my body tells me the best I can. This means I’m not dropping pounds very quickly at all. This means some days I weigh more than others and that’s okay. I’m not going to get caught up in a number on the scale! I know muscle weighs more than fat. I’m just hoping to nourish my body better so that I can feel more confident in my skin. So far, I’ve been doing pretty good. I posted a progress pic on my Instagram @emilysmilesformiles. I’ve lost ~4/5 pounds so far, with lots of setbacks along the way. We will see what the future holds for me and my health (:
I think this is the longest post I’ve ever written. Hope I didn’t lose you… I am not trying to get any sympathy, or anything like that, I am merely sharing my story. If any of you are looking to clean up your diets, I’d love to hear about it!! (: 
What’s YOUR story? I’d love to hear it (or get links to your posts!) in the comments below. (:


Happy Saturday! (: I hope you had a wonderful day. 
This week has been full of a lot of firsts. 

I’ve never tried a blog feed before. After trying to go through all my favorite blogs after vacation and camp, I realized it’s something I really need as my blog and the number of blogs I read continue to grow! I’m trying Bloglovin currently. We will see how it goes (: Follow me!

I have never counted calories daily before. I started using MyFitnessPal on my iphone and I really enjoy it! I like knowing what’s healthy, otherwise I feel like I eat too many or too little calories. Follow me: Ea2797

I know I had no breakfast and a huge lunch, but my day was NOT a normal schedule, I promise (;

I’ve never had my run analyzed before! Since Cross Country camp has my weekly mileage between 20-30 and above and I have been starting to get shin pains, I decided to buy some new shoes. I went to a fancy running store and had my run analyzed on a treadmill. Apparently I am pretty neutral, so that’s good (I think?). I ended up picking the Saucony Ride 6. 
They are so beautiful!! (:

They are so bright- I love it!!
Seriously, these are so much more fun than my old shoes! 
These are so boring compared to my new babies.
I got fitted for the shoes yesterday, but the store only had ugly colors, so I waited to buy them until today when they got in their new shipment. 
Today I was SUPPOSED to have my first trail run and longest run with the team (70 minutes!) However, I had a roller-coaster kind of night as far as blood sugars, and I ended up waking up with a really high number and ketones. Ketones pretty much mean my body is messed up from all the extra sugar. I had moderate ketones, so I didn’t have to go to the hospital, but I had to rest and flush them out. No long run for me.. I was really upset. It was 5 in the morning and I had already gotten ready when I realized I felt pretty sick and tested for ketones. 
I wasn’t going to keep that from letting me run! I still had a lot of hours left in the day. I picked up the new shoes and headed to the Y. I did 6 miles in my new shoes, with a few walking breaks. Running goes by SO much faster outside with the team! It was lonely at the Y, even with Say Yes To The Dress and Friends to keep me company :(. 
I want to apologize for being so MIA recently. I have been trying to really enjoy a week of my summer just relaxing (besides the whole running every morning thing). I will get back to blogging regularly soon, I promise (: 
How was your week? Have you ever been to a running specialty store? What blog feed do you use? 

Crushed it.

I had my third 5k race this year today. I ran the local YMCA’s 5k. 
So I forgot to take any pictures. Except of my socks..
Neon thorlo socks are the bomb, I’m telling ya.
I had three goals. 
1) Beat my previous 5k time (34:30)
2) Beat my Garmin 5k time of 32:11
3) Come in under 30 minutes.
I did all three of these things! 
Finishing Time: 29:33
Now this isn’t fast to most people. My dad, who hasn’t run for years, easily ran right along side me. I finished 5th in my age group. Of 6…
I know running is a “me” sport, where you are only competing against yourself, but it is difficult to never compare yourself to other runners. I train more than a lot of people and run a lot slower than them. Like, a lot. A whole lot.
But my wonderful boyfriend (more on him later!) put it in perspective for me. He said “Don’t worry about what other people can or can’t do. You still had fun doing it, and your goals are your goals, when you pass them, still be excited because you accomplished something you set out to do and you’re one step closer to a minute faster.” 
Sometimes we all need to take a step back and stop comparing ourselves to others. I’m going to try to focus on my accomplishments, not other people’s. 
Why I am amazing: A selfish rant about what I CAN do and not what I can’t.
1. In February, I couldn’t run half a mile without stopping. With the help of couch25k, I can now run an entire 5k! That was only four months!
2. In April, I had a bad 5k, and started off way too fast. My time was 36:07. That means, in less than 2 months, I was able to shave over 6 and a half minutes off my 5k time.
3. In the months since I started running, I have noticed positive changes in my body, in my energy levels, and most importantly in my happiness and my confidence. To me, that is the most important thing about running.
So I guess you could say, with this 5k, that I crushed it.
Okay I need this shirt from old navy. Except there were only mediums and it was so long.
I got some sports bras & shorts though. Active sale for the win.
How was your Sunday? How do you focus on your goals and not other’s times?

The diabetes monster strikes again

I have Type 1 Diabetes. I haven’t talked about diabetes much on this blog. Mainly, it’s because while diabetes is PART of my life, it is not my WHOLE life. 

That wasn’t true last night. Last night, diabetes controlled me. 
In the afternoon, I had a site change. That is the pink thing stuck to my tummy. 
Ignore my PJ pants (:
There is a little tube inside of me (under the pink thing) and the pink thing connects to tubing that connects to the insulin pump. The insulin pump then constantly pumps insulin into my body, and more at mealtimes when I tell it what I eat. More on that later.
In the middle of the night, I must have tossed and turned and ripped out the pump site. It rips out like a bandaid, so it isn’t that difficult. I probably went about 5 or 6 hours without insulin. 
When I woke up at 4 in the morning, I instantly felt very sick. I saw that my pump site had been pulled out. My number was 355. Pretty high. I knew I was probably entering or in DKA. 
What does high blood sugar feel like to me? Well, first there is the unquenchable thirst. Then comes the peeing, since when you are constantly thirsty you constantly drink water and… well, you get the idea. Then I start to feel confused, crabby, and I get headaches. I get dizzy and when it’s really bad, I throw up. Now, since I was sleeping, I didn’t notice the signs until I got dizzy and woke up. I spent the next hour throwing up. 
I gave three shots, and eventually got down to 180. Half decent. I was so exhausted at that point that I just went to sleep.
Diabetes sucks. I can’t deny that. Last night was one of those nights when I question my ability to do anything. It’s difficult to believe in yourself if you lose control of your body and your health- and it’s not your fault in any way. I’m questioning my ability to run, especially with the cross country girls this summer. I’m questioning my ability to even have a job. Who will want to have someone this problematic in their office/store? Who will want someone so messed up on their team?
I’m exhausted. Will I run today? We’ll see. I was planning on doing three miles fast, but maybe I’ll take three miles slow. 
I know this post wasn’t hopeful, but not every moment in life is good. That’s okay. I know I’ll get through this.