Summer Running Goals

Hello everyone. Happy Friday!!

I have been sliiiiightly MIA for a few weeks now. Either I am too busy or having too much fun to blog, or I am struggling with eating and really don’t feel like blogging. Please forgive me!

A week ago I was on a Disney Caribbean cruise! My sister has all the pictures- but I will share some when I get my hands on them. Smile It was amazing, to say the least.



Pushing that out of my mind, today I completed my last running goal for the summer!
I wanted to

1. Run under 25 minutes for a 3 mile time trial

2. Complete the 9 mile loop at the local forest preserve (I actually wrote down 10 miles, I thought it was a ten mile loop!)

The first goal I actually completed on the cruise! Weird, right?? I tried to keep up with running by doing laps on the track on the boat, which worked pretty well. I ran with a cute guy a few days too which didn’t hurt Winking smile

There was a 5k on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island (!!) one morning, so of course I signed up!
It wasn’t too hot, but it was kind of humid, and as soon as the clock started, it POURED. The kind of rain where you can barely see in front of you and your shoes go Squish Squish with every step.

That was a MEMORABLE experience. I was running by myself, and I wanted to PR, since my 5k record was like 26 minutes or something.  I had kind of given up with the rain, but I tried to push through it! I guess I did because I ended with a time of 24:45! Not too shabby considering the rain and all. I’m really hoping that without the extra .1 I will be able to run under 24 for a 3 mile time trial in 2 weeks Smile


So today I completed the second goal! The 9 mile loop!

We added a mile at the end, because, well, when you are thaaaaaaaaaaaat close to double digits….

Before & After 10 mile pictures! Our first time!! Smile 

We went out to breakfast afterwards. I mean running ten miles deserves a good breakfast. I got lemon raspberry crepes. MMMMMM.

Crepes may be my favorite restaurant breakfast food.



Anyways, I’ve got a lot to do today! A long night at work and volunteering and running errands and starting college stuff (EVERYTHING STARTS TODAY!)


Gotta run! <— not literally. I already did that Winking smile


Longest distance you have ever run?

What were your summer goals?

Pancakes, waffles, crepes, or french toast????


Red heartEmily


Crushed it.

I had my third 5k race this year today. I ran the local YMCA’s 5k. 
So I forgot to take any pictures. Except of my socks..
Neon thorlo socks are the bomb, I’m telling ya.
I had three goals. 
1) Beat my previous 5k time (34:30)
2) Beat my Garmin 5k time of 32:11
3) Come in under 30 minutes.
I did all three of these things! 
Finishing Time: 29:33
Now this isn’t fast to most people. My dad, who hasn’t run for years, easily ran right along side me. I finished 5th in my age group. Of 6…
I know running is a “me” sport, where you are only competing against yourself, but it is difficult to never compare yourself to other runners. I train more than a lot of people and run a lot slower than them. Like, a lot. A whole lot.
But my wonderful boyfriend (more on him later!) put it in perspective for me. He said “Don’t worry about what other people can or can’t do. You still had fun doing it, and your goals are your goals, when you pass them, still be excited because you accomplished something you set out to do and you’re one step closer to a minute faster.” 
Sometimes we all need to take a step back and stop comparing ourselves to others. I’m going to try to focus on my accomplishments, not other people’s. 
Why I am amazing: A selfish rant about what I CAN do and not what I can’t.
1. In February, I couldn’t run half a mile without stopping. With the help of couch25k, I can now run an entire 5k! That was only four months!
2. In April, I had a bad 5k, and started off way too fast. My time was 36:07. That means, in less than 2 months, I was able to shave over 6 and a half minutes off my 5k time.
3. In the months since I started running, I have noticed positive changes in my body, in my energy levels, and most importantly in my happiness and my confidence. To me, that is the most important thing about running.
So I guess you could say, with this 5k, that I crushed it.
Okay I need this shirt from old navy. Except there were only mediums and it was so long.
I got some sports bras & shorts though. Active sale for the win.
How was your Sunday? How do you focus on your goals and not other’s times?

FlipBelt- A review.

1 day of finals down. Officially done with chemistry! (: 2 days left to go….

Recently I decided it was time to get rid of my ugly $7 fanny pack from TJMaxx and upgrade to a FlipBelt. 

I had read reviews online, and decided it was the best option for me. I saw that they carried them in a small store near me, so I went to try them on. 
Now, I like to wear my running belts really low on my hips. It is most comfortable to me that way. So the small didn’t fit, that would have fit my waist but not my hips. However, they were all out of mediums 😦 so I got a large instead. 
Why are these pictures all funky ah

So much better than the ugly fanny pack. Flipbelt works because it is stretchy and has slits for you to put your stuff in. You can either keep the slits facing out or flip the belt to secure your belongings.

Putting my insulin pump in!

I keep my insulin pump, glucose gel (for low blood sugar) and my iphone (with it’s huge otterbox case) in my running belt.

 It stayed put all through my (short) run. (Only 2.5 miles today.)
All in all, I love it! It was definitely worth the $28.

What do you use to carry your stuff when you run?


Lazy Monday.

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off. Let’s not forget to honor those who served our country.

Yesterday, I had a 5 mile run on the training plan. I was not in the mood! My boyfriend, Andrew, was supposed to meet me for 3 of the miles but he backed out. 😦

However, I got my butt up and went for it anyways. And guess what? It was great!!

After 5, I was feeling great, so I decided to throw in another mile. Doing 6 miles by myself  wasn’t so much physically challenging, since I was going very slow. (yeah, 11:45/mile average pace..) It was mentally challenging! I had to keep motivating myself. I am so glad I did it though.

When I got home, I realized I should have done another .19 miles so it would have counted as a 10k 😦 Oh well. It was  PR nonetheless!

I was SO HUNGRY for the rest of the day. I don’t know if I have ever been that hungry in  my life! Oh well. I think I earned it (;

Homemade granola bars! These things are THE BEST!!

I had tried out a recipe from Sally’s baking addiction. Try it now. It is seriously the most amazing thing you will ever taste! I edited it a bit, adding peanuts instead of cranberries and raisins. It was super-duper easy. Took like 10 minutes. These things are the best, I’m telling you, go make them now.

Now today is rest day. Today I do laundry and study (FINALS FINALS AH). I need to remember a semester worth of spanish.. I barely remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday. Wish me luck! (;
When are your finals? Have you ever made granola bars?

A first for everything.

Happy Tuesday! How was your day?

I had a long day. After an exhausting orchestra practice I just wanted to go home. When I got home I had a terrible stomach ache. I don’t know what happened, but I could barely move for two hours. Miraculously, I managed to feel better and go for a run!

I had a quick 2 mile run. I had planned to do 3 but I was just over 300 (high blood sugar-not my day!) when I left so I decided to take it easy.

I didn’t really take it easy. I pushed it and did the 2 miles in just over 19 minutes! That may not be fast to you but it is fast to me considering my blood sugar. (my fastest 5k was 33 minutes)

Yay for getting faster! Weekend 5 mile runs do help, don’t they? (;

Sunset runs are the best.

So something strange happened on my run today.
A cop pulled me over (? can that even happen to a runner or..) when I was running!!
After a temporary mental freak out (I don’t break laws!!) I realized he just wanted to ask me a question. Apparently there was a disoriented man wandering the neighborhood. How weird! I live in a very safe neighborhood. The only time the police is ever around the neighborhood I run is to give speeding tickets to people trying to get to school on time at the High School.

How weird.

One last thing..

Guess what I found on groupon today… This looks like so much fun!!

Should I do it? An 8k would be fun! (: I just don’t know how my crazy lab would react to all those other dogs. She is a big scaredy cat.


Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer while running?
How do you deal with high blood sugars on a run?

Recovery Plan

I am currently recovering from a very bad cough/cold/fever that I had for about a week. It really messed up my training, and even though I have been better for the past five days, it has really interfered with running. I have to stop and cough up icky stuff about three or four times during a quick 2 mile run- and I cough for about an hour afterwards. I have noticed my mile time has decreased by about a minute and I am just so much more worn out since being sick.

I just need to get back into things.

Two week training plan:
             Mon     Tues     Wed     Thurs       Fri          Sat        Sun            Total

One 2 miles
Rest Rest 2.5 miles
Rest 3 miles 2 easy miles 9.5 miles
Two 2.5 miles Rest 3 miles Rest 4 miles 2 easy miles Mother’s day 5k RACE! 14.5miles

I’m struggling to figure out how to schedule my runs with that 5k race in there. If I’m feeling good, I may just do the 4 mile run this Saturday so I can go all out in the 5k.

5k Goals:
My ultimate goal would be to run the 5k in 33 minutes. However, I have promised to run with a friend on our fundraising team, so I will stick with her and she has been sick too (how ironic!) so she may be going slower than her usual. I’m really just looking to have fun in this race!

Happy Thursday!


Rain, Rain Go Away!

Not my photo

This picture was taken near my house. This morning, Chicago got the most crazy rain. I don’t know if flooding has ever been this bad in the town I live in. It surely hasn’t in my lifetime. School was canceled and I am stuck in my house all day. I hope everyone is okay. It seems like it’s just one thing after the other these days. Terrible things. There have been a lot of deaths due to trains where I live recently, and then the horrendous news of the Boston marathon bombing, and now this flooding.
I don’t know what to say, I really don’t. We just need to keep moving. Keep running. Stay positive.

Needless to say, I won’t be using my early birthday gift anytime soon…


 I have done a 4 mile long run on this and a 3 miler too. I LOVE IT. I have nothing but good things to say about the Forerunner 10 and the garminconnect website! Thanks mom (:

I had nothing to do so I ate lunch at 10:00… Oops. At least it was a Eat Clean meal!

Today, school was cancelled because of the weather, so I have taken advantage of the lazy day to catch up on blogs and friends, and now to blog. Looks like I won’t be running outside today. Yesterday I did Speed at the YMCA and today it looks like I will be lucky if I can even get to the YMCA at all!

I have plans to run a 10k on June 1st or June 2nd, and I am using this training plan from Women’s Health. I love that it says intermediate, it makes me feel very proud of myself. (; I am on week 2 so far.

I run the Komen for the Cure 5k on Mother’s day, so I am also hoping the training plan will help me achieve a faster time for that. Crossing my fingers for under 30:00!!

Have a thrilling Thursday!
I hope everyone is safe and well during these storms.