Quick & Easy hummus: A recipe review

The other day I came across this recipe for hummus on Pinterest:

Best Ever 5 minute Microwave Hummus

Now I’ve always wanted to try making my own hummus. I was out of hummus, and TJ’s stopped selling my favorite kind- horseradish!- so I figured it was a perfect time to try out the recipe.

I used a tablespoon of squeezable organic garlic, and just 1 tablespoon of olive oil (the good stuff my dad brings back from Portugal!)

I had to buy Tahini from the grocery store with different cultural foods.

The author of the recipe writes that she could eat this stuff with a spoon. I agree. It’s totally perfect.

I made it in the blender, which was perfect because this made a LOT of hummus! It blended perfectly in like fifteen seconds.

I made it two days ago and it’s more than halfway gone. Mostly consumed by me. Trust me, this stuff is as good as the recipe suggests.

I can’t wait to try it again. I need to experiment with mix-ins now. Where can I find horseradish???

My favorite way of eating it? Power veggie sandwich.

Spread your hummus on Ezekiel bread.

Be very generous. Serving sizes do not apply to homemade items because YOU CHOOSE YOUR SERVING SIZE. Hehe.

Cut up and add your favorite veggies. The more colors, the better. My weapons of choice included fresh spinach, yellow bell pepper, and grape tomatoes. I suggest normal tomatoes because the grape guys will fall out of your sandwich. P.S. I suggest adding avocado as well. When I made this sandwich again, I added some and it made it 100000x better.

Sandwich that baby and enjoy while sitting on the step in the front of your house. It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it.Winking smile


What recipes have you tried lately?

What are your thoughts on a plant based diet?

What is your favorite kind of hummus?

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Summer Finds #1

Happy Monday! Doesn’t feel like it since it’s summer (; I can’t believe it’s been a WEEK since I last blogged. How did that happen?? I expected Summer to be less busy, not more busy. 

Here are my fabulous finds from the past week.
I finished this book, The Extra Mile by Pam Reed. Not only is she an amazing ultramarathoner, but a mother and an amazing author. While it wasn’t my favorite book ever, it was definitely a good read. I guess I had been hoping for more tips about running, and more of the journey of training and how she was able to overcome barriers, but she talked more about how she was naturally born to run far and fast in hot conditions. Still, I enjoyed it and I learned from it. 
I did a lot of shopping this past week. When I say a lot I mean A LOT. 
$10 Delia’s Shorts. High waisted, white, and super cute.

A few weeks ago, I had participated on Girl’s Life‘s facebook page, and I guess my comment won me a gift card. An $150 Athleta gift card!! On Friday I made the trip down to Chicago to spend my moolah.

I settled on these patterned capris and this hot pink running tank. I actually haven’t worn them yet because they are so pretty. <– Bad excuse!!
I did wear the headband though! It’s so cute!

I also got this lime green headband. It has a sticky backside, but it’s not my favorite. It slides a little bit when I run. It’s cute though, so I will probably keep it. I should have read the bad reviews before I bought it. Oops! It wasn’t my money though (:

My Athleta total came to about $128. That is the most money I have ever spent that wasn’t actually my money. I liked it.
I didn’t spend the whole $150 because I can use the remaining amount at Old Navy. I love Old Navy running shorts so I kept the rest to buy some of those. Sure enough, on Saturday, I got an email saying that all the running shorts were $5, that day only, in stores!!
Obviously I grabbed my gift card and ran to Old Navy..
Note about Old Navy running shorts: 1. Buy them, they are perfect. 2. They run pretty big. I guess most running shorts do but I wear an XS in these, and I wear a size 4 in American Eagle Jeans. A size 6 would probably fit comfortably in these too. My sister is a size 8ish and wears an XS too, except they are pretty tight. 
Speaking of my sister, she decided it would be fun to use MY makeup instead of hers. My mom bought her good makeup, from Sephora (She never did that for me, I’ve always bought my own cheap makeup or asked for it for Christmas!). Despite this, the sister went into my makeup and ruined both my Tarte mascara AND my “happy birthday” Benefit They’re Real mascara. Thanks, sis.
Also ruined my shimmer stick too. Yay. I guess that’s what little sisters are for. 
So I had to buy a new mascara, and since I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts for too many hours, I am a little picky. I wanted one that I could afford to replace (not the Tarte again!) and I settled on this one.
No complaints so far. It makes my lashes really long! I am hoping to do a review in the next week or two.
Speaking of reviews, I will definitely be doing a review on my most recent purchase…
I had never been in a Lush, but my sister really wanted to go in, and we had a coupon for a free facial. A free facial?? Sign me up. The sales associate gave my sister & I half hour facials each. She was super helpful, we got great samples, and she consulted us about our skin and routine, and she told us exactly what the ingredients in the products were doing. 
I loved it all, especially the chemistry and ingredients behind it all. However, I couldn’t afford all of it, so I settled for the cleanser & toner. 
I will do a review with some before & after pictures soon! (: Stay tuned. 
Last week I tried to do WIAW but completely forgot to take pictures of anything besides breakfast. I tried it on Tuesday (so I could post Wednesday morning) and on Wednesday and discovered I am too impatient to take pictures of my food before eating. 
 Tomorrow I am taking pictures of the food I eat to give you a peek into my food life. 
Well, I’m gonna try. No promises (;

How was your weekend? Any fabulous summer finds?


Crushed it.

I had my third 5k race this year today. I ran the local YMCA’s 5k. 
So I forgot to take any pictures. Except of my socks..
Neon thorlo socks are the bomb, I’m telling ya.
I had three goals. 
1) Beat my previous 5k time (34:30)
2) Beat my Garmin 5k time of 32:11
3) Come in under 30 minutes.
I did all three of these things! 
Finishing Time: 29:33
Now this isn’t fast to most people. My dad, who hasn’t run for years, easily ran right along side me. I finished 5th in my age group. Of 6…
I know running is a “me” sport, where you are only competing against yourself, but it is difficult to never compare yourself to other runners. I train more than a lot of people and run a lot slower than them. Like, a lot. A whole lot.
But my wonderful boyfriend (more on him later!) put it in perspective for me. He said “Don’t worry about what other people can or can’t do. You still had fun doing it, and your goals are your goals, when you pass them, still be excited because you accomplished something you set out to do and you’re one step closer to a minute faster.” 
Sometimes we all need to take a step back and stop comparing ourselves to others. I’m going to try to focus on my accomplishments, not other people’s. 
Why I am amazing: A selfish rant about what I CAN do and not what I can’t.
1. In February, I couldn’t run half a mile without stopping. With the help of couch25k, I can now run an entire 5k! That was only four months!
2. In April, I had a bad 5k, and started off way too fast. My time was 36:07. That means, in less than 2 months, I was able to shave over 6 and a half minutes off my 5k time.
3. In the months since I started running, I have noticed positive changes in my body, in my energy levels, and most importantly in my happiness and my confidence. To me, that is the most important thing about running.
So I guess you could say, with this 5k, that I crushed it.
Okay I need this shirt from old navy. Except there were only mediums and it was so long.
I got some sports bras & shorts though. Active sale for the win.
How was your Sunday? How do you focus on your goals and not other’s times?

FlipBelt- A review.

1 day of finals down. Officially done with chemistry! (: 2 days left to go….

Recently I decided it was time to get rid of my ugly $7 fanny pack from TJMaxx and upgrade to a FlipBelt. 

I had read reviews online, and decided it was the best option for me. I saw that they carried them in a small store near me, so I went to try them on. 
Now, I like to wear my running belts really low on my hips. It is most comfortable to me that way. So the small didn’t fit, that would have fit my waist but not my hips. However, they were all out of mediums 😦 so I got a large instead. 
Why are these pictures all funky ah

So much better than the ugly fanny pack. Flipbelt works because it is stretchy and has slits for you to put your stuff in. You can either keep the slits facing out or flip the belt to secure your belongings.

Putting my insulin pump in!

I keep my insulin pump, glucose gel (for low blood sugar) and my iphone (with it’s huge otterbox case) in my running belt.

 It stayed put all through my (short) run. (Only 2.5 miles today.)
All in all, I love it! It was definitely worth the $28.

What do you use to carry your stuff when you run?