Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? I sure am. Fabulous is…. Having a license! On Wednesday I finally got around to going to the DMV.
I was completely terrified as I waited alone in the car for the instructor! The test ended up being really easy. It was over in like five minutes, and it was just a few turns in a neighborhood.

Horrible picture… But isn’t everybody’s? (;

Fabulous is… This incredibly hilarious magnet my sister got me for when I drive.

Not the most flattering picture. I guess I shouldn’t face the sun and wear baggy shirts… Wednesday was NOT my day for pictures!

Fabulous is…. Freedom!
I feel so adult and stuff when I drive me and my friends around.
I went to dinner & TCBY with Andrew on Wednesday,
and yesterday I drove us to a fair that was in a nearby town.

On the roller coaster!

This morning I drove my Cross Country friend & I to practice. She normally drives me, so it was fun to drive her for a change (:

Speaking of cross country….

Cross country camp is fabulous! 22 miles this week so far, and I have a long run tomorrow and a color run on Sunday.

However, the pains in my shins are not so fabulous. Ice is my besssst friend.

Fabulous is… Tera’s Whey!

I got my protein!! I was very happy with how fast it was shipped. I recommend Natural Healthy Concepts for tera’s whey.

The only way I have used it is putting one scoop in Almond Milk, and WOW. It was so yummy! I honestly didn’t expect it to really taste good, but it did. It was hard to mix though. I had a few chunks even after five minutes of beating with a fork.

I still have to try it in bars/desserts and in oatmeal, but so far I am really happy with it.

I have some fabulosity later today. In a few minutes, my CC friend is coming over with her new doggie! She is a german shepard, and she will get to meet Sophie today. I have no idea how they will play together.

Later tonight, I have skit practice for a freshmen orientation that I am a leader for. I can’t believe I’m so old. Two years ago I was a freshmen, now I am teaching freshmen about high school! Scary.

What’s fabulous in your friday?