Fabulous Friday

Hello everyone. Happy weekend Party smile

There has been a lot of fabulous this week.

1. Yoga. This 21 Day Yoga Challenge has been wonderful to me. I’m totally loving it. I feel myself getting stronger and I feel so GREAT after the sessions. I’ve had to modify some things because of my extreme anti-flexible-ness, but I’ve gotten through it. How are my yoga buddies doing?? Leigha, Jessica, and Liz I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. My favorite day has been day 10, I love the core routine. I hope you all are keeping up your January goals!

Beautiful picture, Emily. Not. Someday I’ll get good at taking pictures I promise..

2. Mug Cakes. First, let me say that usually I’m terrible about recipes. I just bookmark/pin them and never actually MAKE them, even though I would really love to make them all!! However, I felt pretty ambitious the day that Miranda posted her Chocolate Mug Cake recipe, so I tried it.

Mug Cake Perfection!! I made it using the same recipe but using dark chocolate protein powder instead of plain. I don’t have Walden Farms caramel syrup so I settled for chocolate syrup. This is one DELICIOUS mug cake. In addition to being really moist and cake-y (and not eggy!), it’s gluten-free!

Note: I stirred it A LOT before I microwaved it. Also, my microwave needed 1:45, not 2 minutes.

3. Running. I ran Monday-Thursday this week, for at least 45 minutes each day. I also found a freshmen buddy to run with. She is super sweet and just a bit slower than me so we can easy pace it together. #backofthepackcrew.

4. 3 Finals down. Today I had Physics, AP Psych, and Band. Everything went pretty well! Tuesday & Wednesday are the hard days, because I have Pre-Calc honors and Spanish 3. I need a 90% on my Spanish final for an A in the class… So nervous Disappointed smile

5. Food. I’m beginning to let myself really enjoy food again. Especially things like oatmeal (used Healthy Hayls Egg White oats recipe. Topped with WF chocolate syrup).

Veggies + Best hummus ever

Fage 0% mixed with PB2.

6. Finally picking a date for my blood work. I’ve got all sorts of blood work and I’m finally getting it done on Monday morning. Getting blood drawn isn’t fabulous, but I’ve been having health issues and want some answers, so I need to get this done. The dietitian I saw who specializes in EDs told me she is worried about the Female Athlete Triad. I hope this isn’t TMI, but it’s been like 6 months since I’ve gotten a cycle, and I’m worried about low iron because my runs are slower and feel harder and then the whole orange skin thing.

Secondly, I’ve been experimenting with cutting out gluten. It appears that without gluten I have much less tummy troubles. However, I’m worried it’s all in my head?? I’ve been googling Celiac Disease and definitely freaking myself out. I am one of those people that diagnoses myself with EVERYTHING. It’s not good, I know. It actually happened when I got diabetes and now I think I get myself worked up over nothing. Anyway, I added gluten back in last night and had some tummy issues but we’ll see what the blood test says.


How are you doing on your January goals? Have you ever made a mug cake? Have you ever made egg white oats? Do you know anything about the Female Athlete Triad? Do you self-diagnose as terribly as I do?


I hope you all have a FABULOUS (long) weekend. I’ll be studying Winking smile


Red heartEmily


Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? I sure am. Fabulous is…. Having a license! On Wednesday I finally got around to going to the DMV.
I was completely terrified as I waited alone in the car for the instructor! The test ended up being really easy. It was over in like five minutes, and it was just a few turns in a neighborhood.

Horrible picture… But isn’t everybody’s? (;

Fabulous is… This incredibly hilarious magnet my sister got me for when I drive.

Not the most flattering picture. I guess I shouldn’t face the sun and wear baggy shirts… Wednesday was NOT my day for pictures!

Fabulous is…. Freedom!
I feel so adult and stuff when I drive me and my friends around.
I went to dinner & TCBY with Andrew on Wednesday,
and yesterday I drove us to a fair that was in a nearby town.

On the roller coaster!

This morning I drove my Cross Country friend & I to practice. She normally drives me, so it was fun to drive her for a change (:

Speaking of cross country….

Cross country camp is fabulous! 22 miles this week so far, and I have a long run tomorrow and a color run on Sunday.

However, the pains in my shins are not so fabulous. Ice is my besssst friend.

Fabulous is… Tera’s Whey!

I got my protein!! I was very happy with how fast it was shipped. I recommend Natural Healthy Concepts for tera’s whey.

The only way I have used it is putting one scoop in Almond Milk, and WOW. It was so yummy! I honestly didn’t expect it to really taste good, but it did. It was hard to mix though. I had a few chunks even after five minutes of beating with a fork.

I still have to try it in bars/desserts and in oatmeal, but so far I am really happy with it.

I have some fabulosity later today. In a few minutes, my CC friend is coming over with her new doggie! She is a german shepard, and she will get to meet Sophie today. I have no idea how they will play together.

Later tonight, I have skit practice for a freshmen orientation that I am a leader for. I can’t believe I’m so old. Two years ago I was a freshmen, now I am teaching freshmen about high school! Scary.

What’s fabulous in your friday?