Healthy Eats Week Day 4: Snacks!

Happy Saturday! I’m excited for the weekend. First off, I have to apologise. This post was meant to be for Friday morning, but that didn’t happen. I was at CC team bonding day when suddenly my insulin pump stopped working. It did the same thing that happened in the bahamas! I was so angry. I spent my morning on the phone so they could ship me a new one and then figuring out giving shots for the day. Fun…

I wasn’t about to let that ruin my day though. I had something really exciting planned.

Extreme Trampolining!! I went with some of my middle school friends. It was so much fun!!

flips… definitely not me! (; my friend used to be a gymnast and is totally awesome.

Yesterday night my mom & sister & I finally found a couch! (My dad took our old one). Walking around furniture stores is so exhausting. It took forever. I never want to smell furniture again. Ever.

Time for Healthy Eats Week!  Here’s the fun stuff, guys. Get ready.It’s SNACK DAY!

Apple chips: Got the idea from a girl on the CC team. However, I burnt mine. Oops. The few un-burnt ones were delicious. The rest I couldn’t get off of the pan. Better luck next time (:

Peanut Butter Lover’s oatmeal cookies.  Yum! These were gone in like three days. I think I’ll have to add in more PB next time, but they were really soft and delicious. Thanks Katherine (:

These Emerald snack packs used to be one of my favorite snacks. Now, they aren’t unhealthy, but they certainly have more ingredients than they need. I decided to recreate the mix on my own. I got mini marshmallows and slivered almonds and unsalted peanuts and chocolate chips but the COCONUT! It was missing the coconut! I was so excited when I finally found these at TJ’s. Can’t wait to make my s’mores trail mix later today! (:

$2?? Yes please! (:

The finished product. Delicious. The perfect dessert/snack.
These aren’t a perfect snack, but they are much healthier than chips. A treat for me (:
My “need a quick snack that has carbs for on-the-go”. My favorite flavor ever.
Horsey Sauce at Arby’s, anybody?? This is my “clean” version of it!
I found it at TJ’s and I got so excited. I love eating it with carrots and peppers. It would be totally delicious on sandwiches and wraps, too.

I snack on nuts all the time. My ultimate favorite is TJ’s roasted cashews. Yummayyy.

Now, I have a confession to make. I am addicted to chewing gum. The Extra or the 5 kind? During the school year I may or may not have 6+ sticks in one day. That’s just the school day.

After reading some books on clean, healthy eating, I realized all the chemicals and additives in gum.. It really grossed me out.

These mints don’t have most of the dangerous stuff that gum has. They taste great too! 
That’s it for my snacking. Have a wonderful weekend! (: 
What are your favorite snacks? What do you eat on-the-go? Do you chew gum? 

Fabulous Friday.

Happy Friday! Are you excited for the weekend? I sure am. Fabulous is…. Having a license! On Wednesday I finally got around to going to the DMV.
I was completely terrified as I waited alone in the car for the instructor! The test ended up being really easy. It was over in like five minutes, and it was just a few turns in a neighborhood.

Horrible picture… But isn’t everybody’s? (;

Fabulous is… This incredibly hilarious magnet my sister got me for when I drive.

Not the most flattering picture. I guess I shouldn’t face the sun and wear baggy shirts… Wednesday was NOT my day for pictures!

Fabulous is…. Freedom!
I feel so adult and stuff when I drive me and my friends around.
I went to dinner & TCBY with Andrew on Wednesday,
and yesterday I drove us to a fair that was in a nearby town.

On the roller coaster!

This morning I drove my Cross Country friend & I to practice. She normally drives me, so it was fun to drive her for a change (:

Speaking of cross country….

Cross country camp is fabulous! 22 miles this week so far, and I have a long run tomorrow and a color run on Sunday.

However, the pains in my shins are not so fabulous. Ice is my besssst friend.

Fabulous is… Tera’s Whey!

I got my protein!! I was very happy with how fast it was shipped. I recommend Natural Healthy Concepts for tera’s whey.

The only way I have used it is putting one scoop in Almond Milk, and WOW. It was so yummy! I honestly didn’t expect it to really taste good, but it did. It was hard to mix though. I had a few chunks even after five minutes of beating with a fork.

I still have to try it in bars/desserts and in oatmeal, but so far I am really happy with it.

I have some fabulosity later today. In a few minutes, my CC friend is coming over with her new doggie! She is a german shepard, and she will get to meet Sophie today. I have no idea how they will play together.

Later tonight, I have skit practice for a freshmen orientation that I am a leader for. I can’t believe I’m so old. Two years ago I was a freshmen, now I am teaching freshmen about high school! Scary.

What’s fabulous in your friday?