It’s good to be home: Totally Truthful Tuesday #2

Happy Tuesday! (:
I promise, I didn’t disappear off the face of the Earth. However, I did go to the bahamas for a week and immediately to a leadership camp! 

I had so much fun with my dad and my sister in the bahamas. It was so beautiful, and I loved having time to not have to worry about anything.

One of my favorite parts- All American Rejects concert on the beach at sunset.
The beach at Atlantis
View at Atlantis
Besides the All-American Rejects concert, my favorite part of the trip was getting the opportunity to go snorkeling. I have never done anything like that before! We took a boat out to an island called Sandy Toes and rented some snorkeling gear. I loved it. It was so cool seeing all the fish and the coral and being right there with them. I felt like I was in finding nemo. It was fascinating and totally amazing! I do have more pictures, but they are on my sister’s camera at this moment. Oops!
 I got a bad sunburn though, and I have been peeling off my skin for the past three days (Gross, I know). I also had to eat out for every meal for the entire week… That gets so tiring. It’s so hard to eat healthy when you aren’t the one preparing the meals. 
I went to this leadership camp and the food situation got worse. We were staying in college dorms in Wisconsin. While there were SOME healthy options, it was nothing like I have at home. The worst part was that desserts and snacks were constantly being eaten, there was even an ice cream machine. I ate so much food, I felt really sick for most of camp. I am relieved to be home for that reason (:
Camp, besides the food, was absolutely amazing. It was life-changing. The camp was mostly kids from the west and south side of Chicago. Anyone who watches the news knows the violence that takes place in these communities. Hearing the stories of these strong people my age having to grow up so fast because of the situation they were born into was eye-opening. For once in my life, I felt like an outsider, and that also changed how I look at things. I live such a safe life compared to all these teens. I don’t have brothers in jail, college isn’t only a dream for me, I don’t have a 2 hour commute so that I can go to a decent school, I haven’t grown up where it is the norm for the men to leave, and I haven’t had to survive a bullet in my shoulder from a neighborhood shooting. While we have all had struggles, I feel like the strength of the people I was surrounded by was uplifting and hopeful. The friends I made are going to do great things by being leaders for their siblings and working so hard to go to college and find a safer, happier place to live. 
Can you see me?? I’m sitting down in the orange shirt.
Going to camp reminded me that I need to step back and look at the big picture. I am genuinely happy. I can’t let something like food or a couple pounds or a running time bother me. I am lucky to be safe, alive, and to have the opportunities I have had. During camp I got to work on a lot of goal-setting and planning and coming up with a personal mission statement. I loved this. I love discovering who I am and who I want to be and how I will make an impact on other’s lives. 
That’s all for today, folks. Back to regular blogging this week. No more going away. It’s good to be home.



Oneee last post before I leave!

Notice anything different? (:

(Sophie gets really excited about licking the Chobani containers.)

Thank you to Katherine at Peanut Butter Lover for the wonderful post on adding the pinterest button to pictures. You can now pin my lovely iphone pictures. (;

Speaking of blogs I like: Miranda at Miranda Runs is trying something new called Totally Truthful Tuesdays and I thought I would join in!

Totally Truthful Tuesday #1

I’m scared to go to the bahamas. It’s the first trip I will have ever gone on with a single parent. The truth is, my parents have been in the looooooooooooong process of divorce for over a year. I’m not upset about the divorce- they are better without each other and I have known that for a long time! It will just be weird having only one parent on this trip.

Currently, my dad still lives at our house but he sleeps on an air mattress and will be moving out sometime this summer. Or so I was told. (I was previously told Christmas, then April, and now sometime this summer…) Most people would be sad that their dad is moving out but I just want him to get his own place already! It’s not fun having parents who strongly dislike each other living together.

Honestly I started running to get away from everything at home. It works! I am really, truly happy when I run. When I don’t… the stress of it starts to get to me. I’m very thankful for everything that running has given to me in the past few months.

I really hope this doesn’t come off as a pity post, because I don’t mean for it to be. The divorce is like diabetes- it’s just another part of my life. Yes, it’s not exactly fun, but it’s part of who I am right now.


Just dropping in

Happy Tuesday everyone! What a busy couple of days…

On Father’s Day I went out to dinner with my sister, Dad, and his side of the family. 
My hair looked good for the first time in my life so I took a few selfies. Okay the collage makes me look conceited. Somehow when I signed onto blogger this picture was under “my phone pictures”. I never made a collage. Magic? Yes.
Yay for wearing makeup and anything besides running shorts! (;
Yesterday I had my first day of SUMMER RUNNING with the cross country girls!! 
The first page of workouts…
I had a blast. Everyone is so nice, and there is even another Type 1 diabetic! (: I am not the slowest one there, so my fears were irrational. There is a group of “beginning runners” who run a pace that is perfect for me. I love having others to motivate me on a run! The run seems so short when running with so many girls.
In addition to a run, we have been doing speedwork (sprints) and Core work and Leg work. It’s HARD! The front of my right leg hurts a lot. Crossing my fingers I’m not getting shin splints.
I only got 2 days of camp because tomorrow at 3:30AM I head to the airport. Bahamas, here I come!
This means I will have to say goodbye for a few days 😦 I’m not going to have a computer, and, well, I just want to enjoy my vacation and not even think about blogging. 
I will, however, be on instagram! (: Follow my new BLOG account, @emilysmilesformiles
As far as running, since I have the workout schedule, I want to stay as on-top-of-it as I possibly can! I’m really hoping there is a safe path that I can run on by my hotel. The gym I would have access to costs $15 for a day pass, or $50 for a week. That’s a lot of money to pay to run!
My question is… Should I bring my garmin? Without it, I will have no idea how far I’ve run, but I also don’t want to lose it. Comment and tell me what you think. (:
I’ve got a TON of packing to do! Check back in a week for my vacation recap. Till then, find me on Instagram (:
Do you take selfies when you get dressed up, or is that just me? (; 
Do you bring your GPS watch on vacations? What is your instagram username?