about me

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  I’m the girl behind Smile Mile Girl.  I’m a teenager trying my very best to live a balanced, healthy life.


Who am I? I’m a seventeen year old living in the Midwest and trying to “Find myself”

I’ve always been a band nerd, and I play the oboe in “regular” band and the flute in Marching Band.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few days after I turned thirteen. I’m the only one in the family. I have no clue what caused it!

I discovered my passion for running in February 2013 when I began training for my first 5k.

Since then I joined the Cross Country and Track team at my school and I love it.

I’m still one of the slowest on the team, BUT I’m getting faster every day 🙂

I’m struggling with finding a balance with healthy eating.

I began eating healthier when I started running.

However, certain life events & stresses led my healthy eating into a dangerous path of anorexia.

Now I’m determined to recover and free myself from this disorder to get my life back again!





And now for some pictures of my dog 🙂




539645_453086828044425_1824979987_n (1)





That’s my little life. I hope you’ll stick around! (:

-Emily ea2797@yahoo.com instagram: @smilemilegirl pinterest: @emilyrose2797


8 thoughts on “about me

    • hey Andrea!! I am checking out your blog now. I can’t wait to read more. You seem like such an awesome person- You love disney movies so that makes you pretty cool (; Thanks for commenting (:

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