Summer Running Goals

Hello everyone. Happy Friday!!

I have been sliiiiightly MIA for a few weeks now. Either I am too busy or having too much fun to blog, or I am struggling with eating and really don’t feel like blogging. Please forgive me!

A week ago I was on a Disney Caribbean cruise! My sister has all the pictures- but I will share some when I get my hands on them. Smile It was amazing, to say the least.



Pushing that out of my mind, today I completed my last running goal for the summer!
I wanted to

1. Run under 25 minutes for a 3 mile time trial

2. Complete the 9 mile loop at the local forest preserve (I actually wrote down 10 miles, I thought it was a ten mile loop!)

The first goal I actually completed on the cruise! Weird, right?? I tried to keep up with running by doing laps on the track on the boat, which worked pretty well. I ran with a cute guy a few days too which didn’t hurt Winking smile

There was a 5k on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island (!!) one morning, so of course I signed up!
It wasn’t too hot, but it was kind of humid, and as soon as the clock started, it POURED. The kind of rain where you can barely see in front of you and your shoes go Squish Squish with every step.

That was a MEMORABLE experience. I was running by myself, and I wanted to PR, since my 5k record was like 26 minutes or something.  I had kind of given up with the rain, but I tried to push through it! I guess I did because I ended with a time of 24:45! Not too shabby considering the rain and all. I’m really hoping that without the extra .1 I will be able to run under 24 for a 3 mile time trial in 2 weeks Smile


So today I completed the second goal! The 9 mile loop!

We added a mile at the end, because, well, when you are thaaaaaaaaaaaat close to double digits….

Before & After 10 mile pictures! Our first time!! Smile 

We went out to breakfast afterwards. I mean running ten miles deserves a good breakfast. I got lemon raspberry crepes. MMMMMM.

Crepes may be my favorite restaurant breakfast food.



Anyways, I’ve got a lot to do today! A long night at work and volunteering and running errands and starting college stuff (EVERYTHING STARTS TODAY!)


Gotta run! <— not literally. I already did that Winking smile


Longest distance you have ever run?

What were your summer goals?

Pancakes, waffles, crepes, or french toast????


Red heartEmily


4 thoughts on “Summer Running Goals

  1. Congrats on those goals! That’s fantastic! I’m so glad to see you’re doing better! And let’s be real here-half of the Fun part of long runs is a celebratory breakfast!

  2. AHHHH!!! Disney cruises are the BEST!! I am actually going on one in 2 weeks & I cannot wait! It might actually be the same one you went on! And congrats on the PR! I know that you are going to kick some major butt on the time trial!

  3. Congrats on achieving your goals! That’s so great to hear 🙂 And don’t worry about the lack of posts–it’s much more important to live your life to LIVE, rather than to live your life to blog about it.
    Good luck on college apps! That was a long, difficult process, but worth it in the (very) long run. Since I transferred, I actually had to go through it twice…not fun. It did make me a pro with the Common App and essay writing though, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

    The longest distance I’ve ever run is 19 miles, which I hit a few months ago (before my injury forced me to drop out of my marathon training).

    WAFFLES, of course!


  4. CONGRATS Emily!! So proud of you!!! I remember when I ran 10 miles for the first time. Isn’t it amazing to now you ran in the double digits?! Yes, you definitely deserved that breakfast. I don’t now if I like pancakes or french toast more!

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