April Goals

Hello everyone. I’ve been kind of nonexistent in the blog world. I’ve just had a lot going on in life! I’m not sure I’m in too great of a place right now, and I need to figure a few things out.


Let’s look at what I wanted to do in March.

1. Break 7:30 in the mile.

2. Actually go to a Yoga class

3. Focus on loving myself. This means less calorie counting, more acceptance, making sleep a higher priority, and practicing yoga!


1. & 2. were checked off my list. I talked about them in my last post! Smile

but 3? Oh 3. Not so much. I was doing really well at the point I got that mile time earlier in March. But somehow things took a turn for the worst.



In April, my goal is simply to love myself. I have other things I want too, like keeping up my 4.0 and breaking 6:45 in the mile, etc, but I know that right now I just need to focus on me.

To me, that means the same as it did earlier: but a big emphasis on the food part. I need to get to an okay place with food, and stress less.



Other random news?

I visited St. Louis over break!


I went to SLU and didn’t care for it, and then I visited Truman State and LOVED IT (even though I would need to be much much faster to run on their team). They have an awesome Communication Sciences & Disorders department with a brand new clinic and a therapy dog!! Smile Later I visited Augustana and didn’t care for it. I think every Junior in America went on college visits over break, haha Smile 


I sprained my toe. Yeah, it’s as stupid as it sounds. A 10 pound weight fell on my toe and… yeah. No running until Tuesday for me.

Picture of my socked feet because toes are ugly & gross.


I was SO lucky and I won Sunnie’s giveaway. Check out these GORGEOUS hoop earrings!!! I’m in love!! Thank you SO SO SO much Sunnie!!

I may have gotten a job at a new Frozen Yogurt place opening near my house. I got the callback interview and it went pretty well.. I think! I should get a call this weekend. Honestly the idea of a job really stresses me out but this would be the perfect job for me so I’m hoping for the best!!


Aaaand I already miss running. I’m just glad it’s only four days.

P.S. I am secretly in love with this tattoo I saw on Instagram the other day.



What are your April goals? How did you find a healthy balance with food and weight?

Have you ever been to Saint Louis? What were the deciding factors during your college search- or are you searching like I am?

What was your first job?

Do you want/have any tattoos?


Red heartEmily


13 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. I’m so sorry that things took a turn for the worse… please, please shoot me a message if you ever want to talk! I would be so happy to help.

    I’ve never been to St Louis before! That’s really cool how Truman has that department… future area of study?! And I hope you get the job!! That would be so cool!!

    • Thanks for your concern Leigha.
      Yes, I think that’s what I want to go into!! It just sounds so interesting to me.

      I got the call yesterday- they are hiring me!! 🙂 I am so thankful!!

  2. My favorite March goal would have to be the focusing on loving yourself :). ALWAYS something we should work towards and we need to realize that having a positive self-body image is one of the most beautiful things a girl can have!

    Sorry about the toe.. having ten pounds fall on it sounds HORRIBLE. Hopefully it heals up fast, but for now, take it easy and relax 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear if you got the job or not! Best place to work since you probably have the perk of getting free froyo ;). Basically my dream job LOL!

    • Oh I love what you said. Positive body image definitely is one of the most beautiful things a girl can have.

      The toe sounds a lot worse than it was!! It didn’t hurt all that much when the weight dropped, and it’s almost healed now. More just a stupid little thing I did, haha 🙂

      I found out they are hiring me!! 😀 Someone who interviewed before me at an open house interview night said “Free froyo, obviously” when asked why they wanted to work there… Probably not the right answer, haha 🙂

  3. If you ever need someone Emily, I am ALWAYS here for you, you gorgeous girl! My April goal? To help you realize what an insanely awesome/worthy human being you are. I totally feel you with the difficulty loving yourself, but if you could see yourself from my perspective, you would be shocked by how beautiful you are inside and out. I always have trouble truly accepting myself, but I try to ask myself what I would do if one of my friends treated herself like I treat myself. I would think it’s outrageous. I still struggle with this, but that sometimes helps! xxx

    • Katherine.. thank you so much for making my night. You are absolutely amazing. You have no idea how much everything you said means to me right now.

      I love that philosophy of treating yourself like you would treat a friend. I really need to develop that mindset. That’s really good advice.

      Thank you for being my inspiration and being here for me!! 🙂 I can’t wait to go read your post about being happy right now 🙂

  4. These are some great goals!! Sorry number 3 has been hard 😦 But you can do it!! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check out my blog for more info 🙂

    • My mom has been saying she will have to call to take me to a counselor for months, but after my last doctor’s appointment she has called a few places and is trying to find someone that will take our insurance. It’s scary but I probably will benefit from it. I have been avoiding talking about this to any adults or counselors. I’ve opened up to like two or three friends and the blog world. Thank you so much for being here for me Liz. It means a lot!

  5. I know I’ve already commented on this post but this is just a little sunday night encouragement. YOU CAN BREAK THE 7:30 MILE! I BELIEVE IN YOU! Woohoo this is your week girl!

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