Monday Miles #5

Happy Monday!!

Despite the Spring Forward time change, I actually had a pretty great Monday.

Until a doctor’s appointment and some other triggering stuff but let’s not focus on the bad. Smile

Yay!! Time for….

Thanks Liz Smile you’re the! but actually, which is better.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: 41 minutes, 4.24 miles total, 2.2 at tempo. Pretty decent run to start off the week. We also did 4x 250m strides and weight lifting.

Tuesday: 56 minutes, 5.37 miles. A beautiful longer run! Smile + 10 minutes of abs and 4x 60m Strides

Wednesday: Workout- 1 lap track repeats- I loved this one because I’m pretty fast at these and I beat coach’s recommended times EVERY time. Open-mouthed smile + Weight lifting (upped the weights and felt it the next day!)

Thursday: ~56 minutes, 5.5ish miles. Satellite finding probs. + Core

Friday:  Easy run!! 30 minutes easy (ended up being like 3.4 miles and 36 minutes, oops!) and 4x 200m strides.

Saturday: 58 minutes, 5.57 miles. This was a trek, not a run. There was a ton of snow and ice on the route (we were supposed to do 6 but had to modify the route). Also my blood sugar kept going low so I had to walk a few times to eat a fruit leather. twice. My stomach didn’t like that. Oh well, it was a good long run with a great friend! We did 6 minutes of core and deeeeepppp stretching after.

Sunday: Rest! (duh). I did 10 minutes of yoga.

Mileage: right around 28 miles- Wowza!

Reflection: This was a crazy week as far as running- that milage!! I am so proud of it though, and especially of my paces on some of those long runs. A few months ago I couldn’t keep up a 10:20 pace for 3 miles and now I can do it for 5.5 in bad conditions. I know I’m not fast but at least I’m getting faster Winking smile My feet are tired though!

This week’s workouts:

Today: Rest day. Yes, two rest days in a row. No, I don’t care. I’ll probably do a quick yoga routine before I go to bed though. Smile

Tuesday: Practice (easy run!)

Wednesday: JV invite. I am running the mile. I’m going for my March Goal here Winking smile

Thursday-Saturday: Whatever coach says! Smile

Goal: Break 8:00 in the mile!! <—Secretly I really want to break 7:00 but I’m terrified of saying that and not being able to do it.

Here goes nothing… Break 7:00 in the mile!!

How were your miles this week?

Do you have any running goals?

What do you do for tired feet?


Red heartEmily

P.S. Imagine Dragons is Thursday. I AM SO PUMPED.


20 thoughts on “Monday Miles #5

  1. Woo you go girl! Rockin recovery and the mileage! I wish I was keeping that mileage haha!

    Don’t stress too much about the doctor’s appointment/triggering moments – just use that as motivation to keep moving forward!

    You will totally reach your time goals – I believe in ya, girl. You got this!

    Have a fantastic day!!

    • I hope you have a fantastic day as well Jess 🙂

      I’m loving this milage. It’s not easy but it makes me really happy.

      The doctor’s appointment actually went okay so I’m glad! 🙂

  2. 28 miles!? I agree with Jess – I wish I was doing that! That is such an awesome accomplishment to focus on and keep your mind off of stupid annoying things. 🙂

    My all time goal is to finish my half marathon under two hours! T-minus three months… 😉

  3. Wow!! Way to go girl!! You can totally break 7! That’s so intense!! Best of luck to you!! I’m sure that you got it!

  4. I FINALLY started off season cross country, so I need to join this Monday Miles bandwagon! You’ll reach your goals in no time if you stick to your workouts like you have been xx

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