March 2014

Hello and happy almost Friday!! Smile I hope you are having a fabulous week.

I don’t know about you, but for me February FLEW by. March totally snuck up on me, so this post is definitely late, but better late than never right? Winking smile

Let’s recap last month. These were my goals.

1. Break 8:00 in the mile. I only have one time recorded for the mile- and it was a downhill mile right after cross country season. I got 6:57 in that. I really think I can break 8:00 on the track, as long as I keep doing the workouts and putting my all into practice every day.

The time trial ended up being 3/4 of a mile. I have yet to run a timed mile in track. Wowza. How did that happen?? I have a 400 time, an 800 time and a 3200 time but no 1600….. Hopefully my coach puts me in the mile soon. I need a time!!

2. Take a yoga class.

I didn’t do this. I had leadership training for the Snowball event all of February so I couldn’t make it to the class. Also, my sister has confirmation on Wednesdays, when the class I want to take happens, so it’s pretty hard to coordinate me going. Sad smile But essentially these are just excuses. I DID continue to practice yoga at home through videos, but I didn’t end up taking any classes last month.

3. Practice oboe for at least a half hour 3 times a week.

Sadly, this one was a no-go. I’m ashamed that I didn’t make the time and my audition showed it- it went very badly. 2nd round auditions are coming up, so I have a chance to do better this next time.


Overall I’m pretty disappointed in my Feb. goals. I accomplished a lot in Feb., including good grades and running things and more freedom from ED and becoming a better person and a stronger leader through the Snowball program I led. I think these things got in the way of my “Official” goals, and I think that’s okay! Buuuut I still plan to do a little better in March. Smile


My goals for March:

1. Break 7:30 in the mile. I broke 8:00 in the 2 mile… I’m secretly hoping to break 7 though!! Hopefully I run a mile race soon. Smile

picture of my feet because why not.

2. Actually go to that Yoga class…. Finally!! Or any other yoga class. No excuses this time.

P.S. I am totally crushing on Liz’s yoga pictures on instagram. @carpediemandrun

3. Focus on loving myself. This means less calorie counting, more acceptance, making sleep a higher priority, and practicing yoga!

Cheesy awkward selfie. oh jeez.


What are your goals for this month?

Red heartEmily


6 thoughts on “March 2014

  1. You’re gonna crush that 7:00 goal, I know it! I really want to run a timed mile myself. The last times mile I did was when I was first getting back into running after being sick most a year ago! How crazy is that??

  2. You might have not done the goals you wrote down, but you had a great month! Nothing to be ashamed of! And I know you’re gonna break that mile time. I’ve never taken a yoga class either! I really want to though!

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