Monday Miles #4


Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great day. Mine was not too shabby- I got an 86% on a math test I thought I failed, won a training plan from @maddysmith__ on instagram, and had a great tempo run.


I’ve been really bad about blogging. I know. I swear someday I’ll be able to post as often as I want. Someday I’ll have free time!! Smile I would rather it be this way. I have a busy life and I love staying busy and doing things and seeing people. It makes me happy. I’m glad I can come back to blogging and it doesn’t have to be a stressor for me. Thank you to each and every one of you who reads my posts even though I am totally terrible at consistency when it comes to blogging (and even commenting once and a while). I always read each of your guys’ posts even if I don’t comment on them all!!


Now time for my favorite link up.

Thanks Liz Smile

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: Tempo run! 46 minutes, 4.68 miles, plus a half mile my garmin didn’t have satellites for. We also did weights. Upped the reps!

Tuesday: 35:24, 3.89 miles. This was supposed to be easy pace but all the girls my speed were gone so I had to run faster to keep up with another group. I ended up behind them the whole run. Then 10 minutes abs and 2x 250m strides.

Wednesday-Friday: Nothing! I had my leadership retreat which left ZERO time for running. 100% worth it.

Saturday: After getting back at 9:30, I got up at 6 to run the 2 mile race in an invite. It didn’t go so well. I felt sick and my stomach was bothering me. However, I did reach my goal (to not be last) which was very surprising considering my time was pretty bad (15:24…. I was hoping for sub-15). Nobody was counting my laps so I felt like I was running aimlessly. It was awkward.

Sunday: Rest! (duh).

Reflection: This was a short week. That is all.

This week’s workouts:

Monday: Tempo run. ~41 minutes, 4.25 miles. 2.2 at tempo. Then we had weights. Upped the weight!

Tuesday-Friday: track practice!

Saturday: No meet, it’s a varsity invite, so practice.

Goal: My goal is simply to get my blood sugars under control. After Snowball, the leadership event, things just got crazy. I had to eat unhealthy food the whole time there and it really messed up my blood sugars Sad smile Gotta get back on track! My body needs to settle back into its routine.


This week I pinky promise I will have a February recap and March goals post up. I’m catching up on all your posts now- I can’t wait to read everything I’ve missed over the past 4/5 days!


What does your training look like?

Have you ever gone on a leadership retreat, or lead/planned one?

What made your Monday fabulous?


Red heartEmily


6 thoughts on “Monday Miles #4

  1. You are totally right about enjoying life rather than blogging. Blog your life, don’t live to blog! 🙂 I went on a church retreat last weekend and the food was TERRIBLE. Ugh. But I didn’t even worry about it! Loving these workouts too. You’re getting faster!!

    • Sometimes you just have to let go and realize the experience is totally worth it and your body will survive a few days of bad food…Realizing that is still really hard for me though!!

      I love that saying about blogging by the way. Wonderful way to put it 🙂

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