When diabetes wins

I feel like I have my Type 1 Diabetes out of control. I feel like I have pretty good blood sugars, on average, and not too many highs or lows. But the thing about diabetes is that even if you do everything perfectly- Test 7x a day, Eat only low GI foods and carefully measure every ounce of carbohydrates, carefully monitor exactly how you’re feeling, eat the same thing at the same time every day, and more- you’re never REALLY in control.


Today I had my 2nd track meet- or I was supposed to. I’m not going to go into the exact details of what I ate and when and what I did, but let’s just say that I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to do and my blood sugar ended up being 455 right before my run.


For those of you who don’t speak diabetes, that’s bad. That’s really really high. Scary high. I had to have my mom pick me up and now I’m drinking lots of water and trying to calm down, praying the insulin will work soon and I can get back down to a normal number.


I had really big plans for today. Today was supposed to be my first mile race. I was going to break 7:00 today. That was my goal. But diabetes won.


But today is just one day. This was just one meet. There will be other meets. I will race other races.


I’m thankful I was close and my mom could come get me. I’m thankful I have an understanding coach and supportive teammates.



I will let go of my angriness about today. I will figure out how to fix this for next time.

I refuse to let this stand in my way.

Aren’t these track ribbons cute? Hustle & Heart Us Apart is our motto.


I still have an awesome weekend ahead of me. I think I’m watching Frozen tonight, and tomorrow I’m prepping for the leadership retreat. I leave Wednesday!!


Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?

Red heartEmily


16 thoughts on “When diabetes wins

  1. Ahh I’m sorry that happened love. That must be incredibly frustrating, especially since it was out of your control. I’m sure you would have killed your race, though, and remember you have a whole season left! Taking care of yourself is your #1 priority. Sending hugs ❤

  2. I’m so sorry this happened! But now you have an extra week or so to train to become even faster for the next one! I’m sure you’ll be able to break that 7:00 mile next time-but health definitely comes first and I’m sending wishes your way to feel better soon!

  3. Oh man that really sucks!! I think you have a really good mindset about this though. There will be plenty more track meets, and the one where you break 7 minutes will be even more special! I really admire you for having to deal with diabetes every day. That would be hard!

  4. Stumbled across your blog and love your positive attitude despite the set back. I got diagnosed with type one six months ago, have got very into running since and am also trying to keep a positive attitude. I’m training for the London marathon and ironically the only thing that’s hindered my training is a common cold and then running too far when I was better which has left me unable to train properly for the past week. Regardless of cause it’s massively frustrating not being able to train so I can empathise with you! I’ve written a bit about diabetes and running on http://www.masteringdiabetes.WordPress.com if you’re interested. Units are European rather than American so hope they make sense! Anyway good luck with the running and the BG control!

    • I’m so glad you found my blog! I love meeting other Type 1’s. We’ve got to stick together, right? 🙂

      Being newly diagnosed isn’t easy. I know it was a very emotional time for me (buuut I was also thirteen!). Let me know if you ever need to talk. You can email me at ea2797@yahoo.com.

      That is AMAZING that you are going to run the London marathon! Running a marathon has been a lifelong dream of mine. I can’t wait to read all about it and all your training!

      I am so excited to find another diabetic runner who blogs. Thank you for commenting- and good luck to you as well! 🙂

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