What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! But does it really count as a hump day if it’s the first school day of the week? Hmm…

Let me walk you through what a day in the life of Emily looks like right now.

Breakfast. Turkey Sausages (from the Aldi natural brand. High in protein and low in calories- that’s why I had two!) and a Veggie Blueberry Oat Muffin from Costco. Has anyone ever tried one of those muffins?? They have lots of whole blueberries in them and they are soft and delicious.

Today was a Late Start day which meant I got to sleep in= happiest Emily ever!


My school has very, very limited options as far as buying lunch. I think I bought a few times freshmen year and have stayed far, far away since! There is some bad pizza, breaded “chicken” sandwiches, and sometimes fried mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce to dip in. Oh, and a side of “fruit” (Juice.) Nutritious, I know.

Here’s what I packed for lunch.


(in thermos) Leftover Quinoa Sweet Potato Turkey Chili (made with black beans) from Iowa Girl Eats. That stuff is delicious. I got the recipe from Leigha’s pinterest!

I topped my chili with a 100 calorie pack of Spicy Guacamole (Like Wholly Guac but the Aldi brand- I highly recommend these!) I just take one out of my freezer and it’s thawed by lunch.

Chopped up yellow pepper & carrots with Trader Joe’s Horseradish hummus. My favorite kind of hummus.


My last period of the day is a free period, so I eat a snack before practice after school. Today I brought a Chocolate Peanut Protein Date bar that I made and froze a batch of a few days ago.

I’ll share the recipe soon Smile I plan to do a Recipe Round-Up Review post in the near future! I’ve been trying out so many new foods and I have to show you guys!


After practice (a tempo run!) I rushed home to have a very quick dinner before heading back to the school for a training for something I was chosen as a leader for.

I literally had 10 minutes to make and eat dinner, so excuse my ugly pictures!

A Chicken Burger from Costco (those things are so good and are perfect for these quick nights- just a minute in the microwave!) with a salad (baby spinach/kale with carrots, yellow pepper, tomatoes, dried cranberries, and TJs orange vinegar dressing) and a rice cake for some post-run carbs!


Before I go to bed I like to have a night snack. Tonight it will probably be an apple with PB2 and cinnamon, with some plain greek yogurt or maybe a quest bar!


And that’s it Smile I’m trying to find a healthy balance and get away from the constant calorie counting. I’m slowly increasing my calories (I was at/below 1,200 for a long time) and I’ve still got a ways to go, but this is where I’m at right now.


I can’t wait to read all of your WIAW posts!

What’s your favorite night snack? Pre-workout?

Red heartEmily


11 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. That burger looks so good! 1 minute in the microwave? You know I’m all about that! And wow, I’m definitely avocado deprived right now! That needs to change!

  2. You are doing amazing at increasing your intake girl! And I totally feel you on the school lunches thing – not once have I ever bought anything more than water from our cafeteria and it’s going to stay that way. The healthiest thing they have is “salad” which is literally lettuce topped with cheese.

    I have an apple with almond butter 99% of the time before bed, but lately I’ve also been trying out mug cakes and quest bars!

    • Aw thanks Emma!! (: Yes- a salad (iceburg lettuce) drowned in ranch and topped with a handful of cheese is NOT a meal (:

      I’ve been on a mug cake/proyo frenzy recently. #noshame. I like to snack at night (: Especially chocolate flavored things!

  3. Your eats all look SO yummy! I’m so happy you’re eating more 🙂 Don’t you just feel a lot happier?! I have GOT to make that chili!!

    love the new header btw 🙂

    • Thanks Leigha!! I’m happy too. I guess I am happier. My runs are better too which just makes more happy, hehe!

      And yes you do!! Oh my gosh so delicious. You would love it. Just know it’s a big batch!

      Thanks for noticing!! I just needed a bit of a change so I switched things up. Without paying for premium or being hosted or anything (I am clueless about that stuff!) my options for personalization are preeetty limited. 😦

    • I know some Aldis can be kind of ick, but the ones by me are great. They have delicious food for really cheap, especially produce. I mean 69 cent avocados. Yes.

      If you make the Chili, which you should because it’s delicious, be warned that it IS spicy, and that it makes a very big batch! Also, you may have to let it go more than 6 hours (on low) for the potatoes to become soft.

  4. mmmmm hummus! That little pack of guac is awesome too, I totally want one 🙂 I had the same day with Wednesday being the first real day of the week this week and I’ll tell you what, the week still felt just as long haha

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