Monday Miles #2

Happy Monday, bloggers! Smile Did anyone else get the day off for cold temperatures?

Shout out to the lovely Liz!


Last week’s workouts: For track this was supposed to be a very high-mileage week. However, the weather had other plans.

Monday: On my own, 35 minutes on a treadmill (easy, took a 5 minute walking break not counted in time), 10 minutes abs and yoga.

Tuesday: First day of track practice! 35 minutes inside, 10 minutes core, Strides (3/4 around the track, 4x), yoga on my own

Wednesday: 33 minutes, 3.23 miles. It was so cold, and the wind was in our faces for half the time! Sad smile 6x 60m Sprints, weights. Also, hot chocolate. Yoga on my own.

Thursday: 43 minutes inside. Honestly this sucked because there was nowhere for us to run. We did some laps on the 2nd and 3rd floor of our school but we got yelled at so we ended up doing some elliptical, some biking, and some treadmill. strides, core circuit. Yoga on my own.

Friday: 36 minutes, 3.35 miles. This was a slower run but I took the pace of the girls I was running with. We were battling snow and ice. 6x 60m sprints and weights. No yoga- I got way too busy!

Saturday: Worked out with the sprinters. Did 1 mile warm up and then a speed exercise. Also lots of stretching and dynamic exercises.

Sunday: On my own: 50 minutes, 4.35 miles on the treadmill. This includes my warm up walk and cool down walk. I had Four Weddings to keep me distracted Smile

Total Mileage: ~21 miles. About the same as last week. It’s so hard to tell when half of my runs are inside!

Reflection: I felt a bit faster on my outdoor runs this week- I was able to keep a pace at 11 minutes or under pretty easily. My Sunday treadmill run was slow but felt a lot better than this past Monday’s, which was terrible! I think I’m improving as a runner. I love that now we are doing speed work, I think that will really help my times. Also, I love the days we lift! It’s so much fun!

This week’s workouts:

Monday: Rest day! With the temps way below zero, my coach recommended we take today off. That’s why I ran yesterday, my usual rest day. On the agenda for today I’ve got yoga on my own and 2 blogilates videos. Maybe three. Any suggestions?

Tuesday-Saturday: Whatever my coach says. I can’t wait for this week’s workouts. I love track so far! I try to push myself in everything we do because I am determined to get faster and stronger and not be the slowest on the team. I really, really want to do well my first track season!


Have you ever been on a team?

Do you enjoy speed work?

Do you like lifting weights?

Favorite blogilates video?


Have a wonderful Monday!

Red heartEmily


13 thoughts on “Monday Miles #2

  1. I love/hate working out with the sprinters – I do distance too, so it’s intimidating knowing that I just physically cannot go as fast as them. But my times DROP when I do any amount of speedwork. I’m so happy for you that your running is improving!! 🙂 Just make sure you take an actual REST day once in a while girl!

    • Today was a rest day….A well deserved rest day (: I love/hate it too, but their workouts are always easier than ours. Or at least shorter (: I am hoping my times drop with this addition of speedwork!!

  2. Yay snow days 🙂 I wish I had a coach planning my workouts! I’m glad track is going well 🙂 and I’m sure that you’re becoming a better runner, you sure are getting a lot of running in! I’m jealous! Happy Monday 😉

    • Snow days are the best, right? (: When does track start for you? You may have said in a post but I can’t find it and I don’t remember 😦 I hope all these long runs will improve my times. I’m kind of down about my lack of improvement lately. Happy Monday to you too Leigha (:

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