I am waiting…

For my final grades to be posted. (But I met my goal- I’m preeeetty sure I got a 4.0 this semester. YAY! )

For the results of my blood test. I don’t know why it is taking so long for my Endocrinologist to call back Sad smile

To see if school will be canceled or not tomorrow.

The forecast WAS a high of 3 and a low of –20, but it changed… we’ll see!


So far, my weekend has been pretty great.

Friday night I went to a party with some band friends after practice. They all talked about college and prom and it was awkward for Andrew & I! I’m kind of glad I have a year of high school left, but I’m going to miss all of my senior friends SO much. This is what I wore… apparently I looked cute? Since when are baggy plaid shirts with leggings cute?

Please excuse my messy room and dirty mirror. I should probably clean them.

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! I did a workout with the sprinters and then we did some shopping and went out to TGI Friday’s for dinner.

I split a steak, had a side of roasted veggies, and even split a dessert. NO guilt! Smile Unfortunately, it was too dark for pictures, so you’ll just have to trust me that it was good.


I eat out SO MUCH. Not by choice. I eat out every other weekend with my dad because that’s what we do instead of sleepovers, and it seems like there is always somebody’s birthday or some reason to go out for dinner. I would much rather eat at home, honestly, but I know I am very lucky to be able to afford to eat out and have such delicious food. This morning I did an easy run at my gym and then went over to Egg Harbor to meet my sister & Dad for brunch.


I got my favorite meal ever- A scramble with sweet potatoes, black beans, broccoli, avocado, melted cheese, and scrambled egg. At first I wasn’t going to let myself eat it all, but then I realized I was HUNGRY (I had just ran 4 miles!) and the food was all healthy (even if it was high in calories) and so I finished it. Plus, I ordered a side of berries, and I got fresh strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. It was so good.

Today is the LAST DAY of the yoga challenge! I was bad yesterday and didn’t do the video, so technically I’ve got two left to do. I need to start taking yoga classes because I’ve been saying that forever. Jessica, Leigha, what have you guys thought of the challenge? Maybe I’m just hoping, but I think I might be a little more flexible than when I started!

I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to the blog lately, but I was focusing on my grades and myself. Please forgive me Winking smileWinking smile



What are you waiting for?

Do you eat out a lot?

What is your favorite brunch place?

Red heartEmily


P.S. Happy Blogiversary to Leigha who writes at Minougirl!! Party smile She is hosting a fabulous giveaway to celebrate.


20 thoughts on “Waiting.

  1. I’m SO happy we did the yoga challenge! I am definitely more flexible than when we started! I think I’m gonna do the intermediate level tomorrow 🙂

    Okay Egg Harbor sounds AWESOME! That is like the perfect breakfast, I’m jealous! That’s cool how you go out to eat with your dad – I wish I did that with mine! So proud of you for eating it all 🙂

    School is cancelled for me tomorrow 😀 and that outfit is TOTALLY cute!

    • Oh I would like to try the intermediate level… Sounds a bit scary but it would be fun! (:

      I wish you lived closer so you could experience the magic!! It is quite an amazing place (: My dad is just getting settled into his apartment so we can’t really eat there. He actually only has two chairs, sooo… haha (:

      It just got cancelled for me too! I’m happy but now I have nothing to do tomorrow! Ahh the freedom of a snow/cold day (:

  2. I have to agree, that outfit is sooo cute!! Your dinner sounds really good too, I think the egg scramble looks even better though. 😉 I’ve always wanted to try yoga classes too. Maybe we should both try one in February if there are any available! Fantastic job on your grades by the way!!! A 4.0 is really exciting!! 😀

  3. I don’t have school either!! woooo!! haha. I love your outfit! And I really admire your ability to be able to banish the guilt and enjoy what you’re eating–after all, our bodies, especially such an active one, needs it!

  4. Waiting for grades is literally the WORST! It’s like I can’t even relax after my exams are over because I’m just anticipating the results. Congrats on your grades though! We don’t use GPA here but I think a 4.0 is ~95 and CRAZY good!

    • 4.0 is an A average. The actual percent doesn’t matter- 90-100 is calculated as a 4, 80-89 is a 3, etc. My honors and AP classes are weighted so they count as a 5 for an A, a 4 for a B, etc. So it’s really not that impressive but I’m still pretty happy with it! And I know, it’s so hard!! I did my psychology presentation in DECEMBER. Please put the grade in!!

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