Snowpocalypse 2014 & January Goals

Sooooo winter break just got extended two days due to CRAZY snow and temps WAYY below zero. Everyone is celebrating by sleeping in and wearing pajamas all day, myself included. I hope everyone is staying safe!!

I’m kind of freaking out because we are supposed to have finals (mid-terms for some classes) Wednesday-Friday next week. I’m also supposed to have two tests Wednesday, that I realllly hope are canceled since I was counting on the review time in class.. Disappointed smile

Anyway. I’ve had a pretty lazy weekend so I’m feeling kind of antsy. The weather doesn’t exactly allow for a run, and my mom’s at work so I have no car (or gym membership) so I added in some Blogilates. I figured out how to pick youtube videos from my phone and have them play on the TV. Preeeeettty snazzy.


I organized my drawers. I had found this on Pinterest and had to try it. It worked!! It literally doubled my space. Open-mouthed smile

Used to be two drawers!!

I’ve been trying so hard to finish my AP Language essay on The Crucible. I officially hate The Crucible. I don’t have 4 pages worth of words to talk about that book. I’ll finish it eventually. I hope. Oops.

As the first Monday of the year, I decided to set some goals. I’m setting Monthly goals, not a yearly resolution. That’s way too overwhelming. I’ll pick three things to work on each month.

January Goals:

1. End 1st Semester with a 4.0 or higher. This would make me feel so accomplished. I need to study a lot Spanish and Math to achieve this.

2. Complete the 21 Day Yoga Challenge like Jessica and Leigha. These ladies inspired me! This is a great, healthy way to challenge myself and I am looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone.

3. Work with my RD, not against her, to find a healthier balance with food. I gathered the courage to email her, and she emailed me back saying we will work together so that I can have a better relationship with food. I’ll be seeing her every 2 weeks. She wants to share everything I shared with her with my parents, which I am really scared of, so I think I’ll ask if she can tell them some things and not everything. It’s a new year and I want to be “okay” with food so that I can be a great runner and function as well as my body possibly can.

Thanks again for encouraging me to reach out to her. I love you all!

That’s all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their extended break (if you have one!) or that you are staying safe & warm!!

How are you spending your Snowpocalypse time? What are your 2014 Goals/ Resolutions?

Red heartEmily


21 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2014 & January Goals

    • That’s pretty awesome (: I’m actually pretty good at writing and I don’t mind it. Once I get started writing it comes out pretty easily! I’m getting 100% in AP English right now. It’s just a matter of starting it. Haha (: I think we are opposites because science is hard for me. I always do bad on the free response tests and labs, I would much rather write a paper!

  1. Yay for joining in on the yoga! Hoping they’ll delay your finals, because I totally understand needing the class time. I think we’re reading the Crucible this year, but I’m a nerd so I really don’t mind the reading or essay. 🙂 It’s so brave of you to email the nutritionist, and I’m so glad she did. I totally agree that you need to work WITH her – she’s the pro. I started realizing sooo much after I started really, really considering what my nutritionist talked to me about/told me/etc…it’s what inspired me to to want to become an RD! Have an awesome day, girl!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Jessica!! I loved today’s yoga. I felt so good after it (: They just announced that our finals are delayed by 2 days, YAY! That means I get a long weekend for studying and that will really help. Thanks and good luck with your future become an RD! It sounds like such an amazing career. I hope you have an awesome day as well (:

    • I am sitting here laughing because everyone is talking about how many emails I have… haha (: I know I need to, but google organizes it for me so I see all the important updates & ones from real people, and I don’t want to go through 13,000 emails! (: I also have a different email for the blog. You should join in on the yoga challenge! It’s fun and there are 4 of us doing it! (:

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