December Photo Challenge Day…. Oops

Hello everyone!! Smile

I definitely didn’t have any time to post the past few days. As of yesterday, I am FINALLY on break, so I can get back to posting again. Whoops…

What have I been up to?? Studying (emphasis on the –dying), running, and soaking up the holiday spirit.

I have some catching up to do for the December Photo Challenge so here it goes!

Day 18. Shoes- How about slippers?

Day 19. Throwback


Well this picture is awkward but I apparently have no attractive pictures from my 2011 Christmas trip to Arizona. That was my hair after a haircut. Unfortunately my hair is not that good-looking on a regular basis.

Day 20. Recipe

(Re-used picture)

I got this from the 21 Day Sugar Detox book and I’m obsessed.

Core a green apple, cut the top, and fill it with about 2 tablespoons of almond meal mixed with lots of cinnamon and vanilla and melted coconut oil. Put this mixture in the middle of the apple. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. Wait until apple cools to devour.

Day 21. Breakfast

**These aren’t 21DSD friendly, I know, but I ate them anyway. I wasn’t going to stress over 1g of sugar that came from apples baked into my breakfast sausage. I didn’t do the detox for that purpose.

I’m boring. I eat the same breakfast a lot. This picture is recycled but it’s exactly what I had today. 2 sausages and some Pumpkin Pancakes from the 21 DSD book. Love those pancakes!

Yesterday was great. When school FINALLY ended we had a free run day where we ran wherever we wanted to, and I ended up Christmas Caroling and scoping out the best Christmas lights on our “run.” Then we had weight lifting, which I’ve never really done before. I am so sore but it will be well worth it later on. Then I got a much needed haircut, so my hair was soft and straight!! Open-mouthed smile

Today was fabulous. I had a very cold marching band rehearsal (We go to New Orleans soon!!) and then I saw the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Sing Along Show. It was BEAUTIFUL. I am in a huge Christmas mood now. Open-mouthed smile


Picture with the Sister and the Doggie. Do you think we look alike?

What have you been up to over break??


Red heartEmily


8 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge Day…. Oops

  1. That apple and those pancakes look soooo yum. I would eat that breakfast a lot, haha! It sounds like you had a really fun run – I love looking at all the Christmas lights around my neighborhood. Your hair looks sooooo pretty!! In both pictures! 🙂

    • We ended in November, kind of, but our band is performing a show in New Orleans over break!! (: It is pretty funny to have the marching band playing in December in below freezing temps. It makes for some interesting intonation.

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