21 Day Sugar Detox Q&A

Happy Sunday, I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season!! Smile

Today is day 22 of the December Photo Challenge: Book.

This is the 21 Day Sugar Detox book that has been my reference tool for the past 3 weeks. Today is Day 20 of the detox!

Now it’s time for a little question and answer about my experience so far.

How does this affect Diabetes and your blood sugars?

The 21DSD has done miracles. I use a ton less insulin, and my blood sugars are much more flat with less peaks and valleys- the stuff that makes me feel icky and is bad for my body. I wish I had a before and after A1C as proof but I don’t Sad smile I don’t have the post-meal spike and I don’t drop between meals as much and it’s pretty great. At first, I had some highs and I was worried that the 21 DSD wasn’t going to help with my blood sugars, but I think that was just from the cold I caught. I have pretty much been a “perfect diabetic” for the past ~2 weeks following the plan.

That’s nothing above 130 or below 80. Pretty much a non-diabetic’s numbers.

How do you deal with low blood sugars?

I had juice and sometimes applesauce and sometimes natural fruit leathers. Definitely not 21DSD friendly. I only had them when my blood sugar was below 70 or when I was dropping quickly (before a run).

What foods do you miss?

Well, food is something that people enjoy. I never really miss any foods while I’m at home, but I do miss being able to eat things like cookies when people offer them to me. Also, I have to admit that I miss my pre-run granola bars (I’ve been eating black bean chips or rice, and that just doesn’t sit very well right before a run) and fruit. I also miss oatmeal and PB2. And cashews. I miss cashews a lot.

How do you deal with cravings?

I tend to have a handful of nuts or some turkey bacon when I feel hungry. But for the most part, my daily green apple with cinnamon has satisfied my sweet tooth and I don’t really have cravings. It’s gotten better as the detox has gone on, and obviously it’s pretty situational.

Have you noticed any positive changes so far?

Yes! So many. First, my blood sugars have been great. My skin has cleared up a little (not a huge change, but there is definite improvement). I feel a little bit more energized, I think, but I definitely notice that I focus much better in school without wheat/sugar.

How does this affect running?

This is the only part that may be negative. I did the energy modifications, for the most part on the days I ran, which involves eating more carbohydrates, specifically sweet potatoes. I feel like having a sweet potato after I ran helped some, but I really think I need some kind of carbs before I run to have the best runs. That said, the first week of the 21DSD running was really bad. I felt like I was dying and I was so exhausted and out of breath. My body adjusted, and I made sure I was taking in more carbs, and by week 3, running wasn’t so bad. I still don’t feel like my runs were as good as they could be, but that could also be 1. adjusting to this cold weather or 2. the cold I had/still kind of have.

I had to work a little too hard to maintain that pace. And that was only ~3 miles (my garmin took half a mile to find satellites.)

In what ways did you NOT follow the detox?

Like I said earlier, I had sugar for low blood sugars. I also had hummus made with white beans (I’m not sure if that is 21DSD friendly) and a few questionable meats (may have had 1/2 g of sugar). I had cashews one night because the only reason the book said not to eat them was because they can cause more cravings since they have a sweeter taste. I’ve eaten a lot of hot sauce and I’m like 90% sure I’m allowed to eat that but I’m not 100% sure?

Tomorrow is my final day of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I will be doing a full recap as well as discussing what I have learned and what I plan to do in the future.

What are your thoughts on the 21 Day Sugar Detox? Have you completed any personal challenges?


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11 thoughts on “21 Day Sugar Detox Q&A

  1. This is so cool that you did it! I don’t think I’d be able to do it though. I t would be too hard with running and everything. You sure found some good recipes though!!

  2. Wow, this is quite the accomplishment!! I admire you for being able to do it – I don’t think I could! Well, I guess I could, but it would be hard! Like you, I need quite a few carbs to be able to run well, and I’d prefer to just eat whatever I want for them. But it sounds like you had some positive results from your detox so that’s great! I’m glad it worked for you overall 🙂 Happy holidays!

    • Thank you- but be careful. After speaking to a Registered Dietitian, I realized I wasn’t getting the nutrients I need as a teenager, a diabetic, and a runner. I know I’ve been vouching for this way of eating but I’m definitely not a professional and I don’t think the book was made with teenagers in mind. If you’re going to do it, you may need to add more carbohydrates.

    • Now I am working with a nutritionist to make sure I am not missing essential nutrients, and that I am fueling my runs properly! I guess the 21 Day Sugar Detox really isn’t best for my active teenage body. It was interesting and I learned a lot though (:

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