December Photo Challenge Day 14

Yay Saturday!!! Open-mouthed smile

Today’s photo challenge is… favorite supplement. (?!)

I think protein powder is a supplement? My favorite is Tera’s Whey. Their protein shakes will be one of the first things I have after my 21DSD is over Smile

Tonight I have PEP BAND for our school’s varsity basketball team. We are going to buffalo wild wings after. I have noooo idea what I’m going to order that won’t have wheat or dairy but we shall see!

What’s your favorite supplement? What are you doing tonight?

Red heartEmily

P.S. Today my dermatologist told me I ate a lot of carrots, and I was really freaked out. She could tell because my skin has an orange tint to it?? She said that it may mean that I have a low iron count and I should get it tested to make sure. I’ll have it tested when I get my yearly blood work done in the next month… But has anyone else heard this? Does anyone know anything more about having low iron?


8 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge Day 14

  1. I don’t know anything about iron count, but I do also deal with the yellow/orange tint to my skin!! My mom is very olive-toned, but I’m fair and still have an orange-ish tint to my palms/bottoms of my feet. I’ve been told it’s totally harmless and that I just eat a lot of yellow and orange veggies!!

    • I can’t believe you waited this long!! isn’t it amazing? (: I hope you had a good time with your mom- don’t worry, I do that all the time (: There’s nothing that compares to quality time with mom.

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