December Photo Challenge Day 13

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Open-mouthed smile 

Today’s photo challenge is “Naughty” treat.

I assumed this was food, and it got me thinking… What treats are “naughty”? Well first of all, I’m not eating any sugary treats on the 21DSD. But more importantly, I don’t really think ANY food treats are “Naughty”. I think almost anything can be healthy in moderation. Labeling foods just encourages a distorted view of food and eating.

*Steps down from soapbox…

So my “Naughty” treat is Bride Day (CHRISTMAS THEMED!!!) on TLC tonight. Open-mouthed smile Say yes to the dress and Four Weddings are my guilty pleasure. I love me some friday nights with Randy and sassy brides.


What’s your “naughty” treat? Are you a fan of TLC?

Red heartEmily


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