Lazy Break

Hello all and happy December! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and break if you’re in school!)

My break has been very relaxing and I love it. I’ve gotten to wake up without an alarm 3 different times. There’s nothing more wonderful than waking up completely on your own.

Thanksgiving morning was not one of those mornings. I started my day with a 5k. There were almost 6,000 people at my town’s race!! The temperature was about 12 degrees and my fingers went totally numb but I had a lot of fun Smile I ran with a girl from the team, and unfortunately she was having a lot of issues and had to walk a couple of times, but we finished! The course was too funny… people had set up a “Power Doughnut” station and a bacon station outside their homes along the course. I didn’t stop but many people did. It was quite amusing. I’ve never seen bacon in the middle of a 5k! Unfortunately taking pictures was out of the question because my hands were so numb. You’ll just have to trust me Winking smile 

Chilling with the doggie after the race

I went to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner (on my dad’s side). There was a sliiiight lack of communication and I thought we would be eating lunch but we didn’t end up eating until 6:00. I was starving, so I completely forgot to take a picture of my plate. Oh well. I had some turkey of course, fruit salad, regular salad, and sweet potato casserole.

My uncle’s relatives were all there, and they all drink. A lot. Everyone 17 and older was just drinking beer after beer after beer. It was a little boring for the non-drinkers. Good thing I had my sister with me. I have never drank alcohol nor do I have any desire to. I’m in too many clubs and leadership positions where I’m not allowed to be involved in any situation with drugs or alcohol… and anyway, I’m comfortable with myself without needing to drink to be someone I’m not. Side rant over.

On Friday we FINALLY got our car back!! That called for some shopping and Qdoba. My favorite find??


Yes, I got this for only 15 bucks! The only one there! I had no idea TJ Maxx sold protein powder. Or food in general! It took all of my willpower not to buy every single dark chocolate bar.. Mmm.


Saturday I celebrated Small Business day with a trip to the local running shop. They had 30% off already reduced shoes. I walked out with these babies.


I can’t believe they were on clearance! These are waterproof and have extra grippy bottoms- perfect for this Chicago winter Open-mouthed smile


It’s Day 4 of the Runner’s World streak and it’s not going very well… Yesterday’s run was TERRIBLE. I ate a piece of toast right before I ran…. bad bad idea. I had the worst side cramp and had to cut the run short. Sad smile Today’s run wasn’t much better. I just felt really burnt out. Maybe it was a not enough food thing, maybe it was a lack of an official sleep schedule thing, maybe it was just an off day. I’m really worried about doing this streak. There are a few days this week where I am so busy, it’s impossible to get a run in… I’ll just have to do my best.

Today I used an ice skating Groupon with Andrew Red heart I love spending time with him! Later we went to the arboretum to see a light show. It was so cool Smile

I’m trying a December Photo Challenge from Runninggurrl’s instagram.

Here’s the first one:

Currently…. Studying AP psych for my quiz tomorrow Disappointed smile


Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday night. You deserve it!! Winking smile


Red heartEmily


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