Weekend Recap, Runs, and Streaking

Happy Tuesday!! Everyone at school was saying today is basically Friday, since we are officially on Thanksgiving break. Smile


This weekend was the leadership retreat I went to called Snowball. I had a wonderful time! I got to meet so many inspiring people and my small group got really close. I’m going to try out for a leadership position for the next outing. I left early Friday morning and came back late Saturday night.

This weekend I ate tons of Spaghetti Squash. After I cut the thing up. It seriously took my mom and me 20 minutes of struggling to cut the thing in half to cook it. Any advice on making it easier?? Open-mouthed smile



I also tried something new: Making my own Salad Dressing! Smile


I used the recipe for a lemon vinaigrette from 100 Days of Real Food’s facebook page.

The verdict? Delicious. I love how easy it was to make. I’ll be making dressing again. No more buying for this girl.. At least for now Winking smile

Sunday, I had been planning to run, since I have a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. However, I woke up to this kind of weather….

Ummmm 12 degrees?? No way I was going outside! I waited until 1:00 to see if it would really warm up.

I had plenty to do, though! I had a crazy amount of homework. I feel like I worked all day and still didn’t finish everything! Sad smile At least I had Andrew to help me with math. Pre-Calc will be the death of me. Why am I taking Pre-Calc if I’m not planning on taking calculus…

Anyway, 1:00 rolled around and it was 22 degrees so I decided to put on my big girl pants and run. I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes until the 2nd mile, but once I got going it felt good. I had planned on doing 3 but ended up doing a little bit over four. Nice and easy pace in the cold.


I realized about halfway through my run that it had been 3 weeks since I last ran at all! I had my break for the year, haha. Not even going to feel guilty. I know I’ll get back into shape soon. Winter running starts January 9th. In addition to that..


I am going to go Streaking! I think I want to do the Runner’s World Holiday Running streak. It’s basically a mile each day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. (Since I’m going on a band trip to New Orleans, I may make it Christmas instead.) I was inspired by Instagram:

Today I went out for a quick easy run after school.


I wore my ninja outfit. Ninja


I just feel 100 times cooler dressed as a ninja.



Anyway, I’m off to see my cousin from Indiana and then to write a 4 page paper on the Rhetoric of The Things They Carried… It’s due tomorrow at midnight. Thanks technology. If I lived before internet it would have to be due Monday…



Do you have any fun running outfits? Will you be streaking as well? Do your teachers make you turn things in online? Most importantly, how on earth do you cut your spaghetti squash? Winking smile


16 thoughts on “Weekend Recap, Runs, and Streaking

  1. I’ve never tried spaghetti squash (gasp! it’s true…) It looks good!! I hope someone can chine in with some good advice there on cutting it! I do think I am going to streak as well. I wasn’t going to, but I’ve been feeling the peer pressure… 🙂 Good luck on your 5k!

  2. Homemade salad dressing seriously makes all the difference in the world! It’s SO good! Maybe try microwaving the squash for a few minutes to soften it up? I think I’ve done that before. Just so we’re clear-this streaking you’re talking of-you don’t mean the kind without clothes, right? And in 12 degress-yeesh!

  3. I made spaghetti squash ONCE.. it was so bitter! But I baked it first then cut it after and it went right through! I would love to try streaking. A mile is such a small part of your day you don’t have an excuse not to run!

  4. Wow, that’s really cold! I’m assuming it’s in Farenheit and we basically have the same temperature here, except it’s in Celsius. Serious props to you for running in this kind of weather not to mention streaking! When it’s cold out, I basically just hide at home instead of going out and braving the cold. yeah, i’m a wuss. 😛

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I’ve been loving spaghetti squash lately! So weird, but I totally had one this past week myself. I couldn’t get the thing cut open for ages, but finally I got my brother and he did it without even trying. Ugh boys. I love your ninja outfit! I’m super weird when it comes to running in the cold. If it’s not below 30, I still wear shorts. 22 degrees definitley calls for some warmer gear though! I love the idea of the holiday running streak! I got a little nervous when I saw your title and thought you might be actually streaking. Whew. Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving! I’m SO glad you’re back to blogging!

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