WIAW 11/20/13


Hello! Hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday.

I actually remembered to take a picture of EVERYTHING I ate today! Wahoo!!

Breakfast: I’m a creature of habit. I love chicken sausages for breakfast. There are very few ready in less than a minute and under 15g carb breakfast options out there, so I get into a routine and stick with it. I barely have to give any insulin for this breakfast (only 7g carbs in the Chobani tube) and therefore my blood sugar doesn’t spike and I’m not left with that morning groggy feeling.

That tea is Yogi Blueberry Slim Life green tea. It’s amazing! I love me some green tea in my morning. It has just a tiny bit of caffeine and I hear green tea is good for your metabolism.


Morning Snack:

A handful of almonds. I usually start to get a little hungry around 3rd period. 10 or so almonds lets me focus on my classes instead of a rumbling tummy.




By the time lunch rolls around, I’m usually not super hungry. My blood sugar has a tendency to spike like crazy after lunch and then come crashing down. I’m able to avoid some of the spike by having a low carb lunch. Today’s lunch was an Organic baby spinach & grape tomato salad with raspberry vinaigrette (not my fav, but I needed something!), 1/2 cup of chicken breast I cooked this weekend, and cut up carrots.

I cut up a lemon to throw in my water bottle today. Fancy water!! I drink about this much throughout the school day.


At 3:00 my blood sugar crashes. Always. I’ve tried to fix it but I don’t know how. Until my next endo appointment, I just pack a snack that raises my sugar to eat before I walk home at 3:30. Today it was Triple Berry Treat. This mix is my favorite. Trader Joe’s for the win.

Unfortunately after the mile walk home, I still felt like my blood sugar was low, which meant I went into “Eat ALL THE SUGAR” mode. I had an apple with Chocolate PB2….

Aaand then a Kashi cookie. I really didn’t need the cookie. Oops. Low blood sugar Emily makes different food choices than the normal Emily does. I need to figure out that blood sugar crash situation.


I was supposed to go for a run after school because I need to get ready for this Thanksgiving 5k, but by the time I felt better again, the forcast suggested rain and it was dark and cold outside Sad smile I was a wimp and decided to do a different workout inside.


Guess who realized I have Youtube on my TV from the BluRay thingamajig?? I am so excited about this!! HD blogilates on the TV!!

I did about 45 minutes then took a break for some blogging/homework.



Spaghetti Squash. My favorite squash ever! Just put some marinara sauce, grape tomatoes, and basil in it. A side of asparagus. Perfection.

The meatballs turned out like cardboard. I think I cooked them too long?? I had a slice of turkey instead!

Tonight depending on blood sugar I’ll have either a protein shake, a cheese stick and carrots, or more fruit.

That’s it for WIAW Smile If you want to see what I eat every day, follow me on myfitnesspal! ea2797 Smile

Oh, I solved my hair crisis. I dyed it dark reddish brown. Here’s a picture from last night’s Band Banquet! Andrew & I won cutest couple.

Please forgive the terrible lighting and classic mirror pic.



What did YOU eat today? What foods do you get excited about?


Red heartEmily


13 thoughts on “WIAW 11/20/13

    • Thanks Aurora! (: The thing with diabetes is that I’ll get it right and then my hormones switch and suddenly it doesn’t work all over again. That’s just part of being a teenager with diabetes haha (:

  1. You’re hair looks lovely Emily! 🙂

    Congrats on remembering to take pics of everything you ate, I don’t think I’ve ever succeeded in doing that before. 😛 I’m definitely a creature of habit as well seeing as I basically eat the same breakfast every day. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😀

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