I’m in a hair rut.

I don’t talk about beauty much on the blog here.

Which is actually pretty ironic because the first blog I started was supposed to be about beauty. I think I wrote one post. I quickly changed the name when I started running because I realized I was actually passionate about running.

Last year I was crazy about makeup. Foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, and sometimes eye shadow and bronzer. Ever since I started to run I realized that I didn’t care so much. Now my daily routine consists of mascara, and on a good day, eyeliner and tinted moisturizer. I have pretty bad acne right now. It’s the worst it’s ever been in my life. Thanks hormones.  I’ve got a dermatologist appointment next month to get all that figured out.


Now about that hair. I have crazy thick wavy brown hair.

It took me forever, and an experiment with No-Poo (it was pretty gross, not gonna lie) to come up with the right product concoction.

This shampoo & conditioner combo smell amazing. It’s so hydrating for my dry hair and I love it. (My scalp tends to be kind of oily, but not with this shampoo.)

This hair gel sets in a hard “cast” but I shake it out to get pretty waves. It’s incredibly cheap (2.88 for a HUGE bottle) and it’s the holy grail hair gel. Yes, my hair looks “crunchy” after it’s air-dried for 2 hours, but then I flip my hair over and scrunch it and I’m left with mostly frizz-free waves. Key word: mostly. My hair will always have a mind of it’s own.




Webcam pictures are so awkward. Ugh.

I am in a hair rut. I’m not taking off any length because I love long hair. I just want to do something with it, like dye it dark brown or reddish brown or rainbow colors at the ends.

Ideas from Pinterest…

I don’t think I would do any blue, but I’d love pink and purple.


Reddish brown

Dark Brown that I like.


In addition, I’m not sure if I should go back to having straight bangs instead of the side-bangs I have now. For comparison…

I’m the short one. Do you like my earrings?? Winking smile Can’t wait to pull them out again this year!



Help me! I’m no good at knowing what looks cute on me. Keep the current color, go for crazy colors, or switch to a darker or redder brown? Keep my bangs the way they are or cut them like I used to have??


How do you deal with hair ruts?Smile


Red heart Emily


4 thoughts on “I’m in a hair rut.

  1. I know I’m the fashion girl, but hair isn’t my thing haha. I straighten it every day! I will say though that I have NEVER dyed my hair and I don’t plan on it. It’s soo not good for it! I’d say side bangs! The good thing with hair is that it always grows back:)

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