5 things I’m loving this November.

5. Having time to babysit! Babysitting last night was the best time in the world. Little kids are the cutest. I definitely want to work with kids in my future. Smile

4. Sweet potatoes. I’m eating them like they are going out of style. With a little bit of butter and cinnamon… Yes please.

photo 2

3. My Honor Roll status. I made the 4.0 and above honor roll for 1st quarter with a GPA of 4.15! I am so proud of this. This sounds so self centered but frankly I don’t care. I worked hard for this! Winking smileI need to keep it up above the 4.0 mark all year. I keep telling myself Junior year is the year that really matters… No more losing focus!

2.  Windows Live Writer. This is making blogging on WordPress much less complicated. Shawn is a lifesaver for suggesting this!! Thanks a bunch Shawn Open-mouthed smile (Can you tell I figured out how to use Emoticons….hehe)

1. Rest. Perhaps the hardest thing to say I’m loving, because I hate it. I hate not running after school. I hate going home and feeling like I don’t have anything to do. I’ve been taking long walks (We walk everywhere since we don’t have a car. I’m walking a minimum of 3 miles each day!) and doing some Jillian Michaels when I feel like it.

photo 1 (2)

While mentally, I hate not running, physically my legs are enjoying the rest. It’s nice to feel like I can walk the whole day at school without feeling sore or hurting. Winter running officially starts December 9th. I think I’ll start running on my own again next weekend so that I’m prepared for the Thanksgiving 5k I’m planning to do. But for this week, I’m going to let go and let my body enjoy the rest (like Jessica!)

photo 3.


14 thoughts on “5 things I’m loving this November.

  1. 4.15? YOU ARE NOT SELF CENTERED! That is something to celebrate girl. And yes, sweet potato fries. I am crazy in love with them. They are seriously one of the finer aspects of Fall.

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