Not the average long weekend.

Hello there! Happy Tuesday. I meant to publish this on Monday night but…. you’ll find out when you read this.

On Friday, immediately after school I had a band trip. We went to Indianapolis to compete in the Bands of America competition. 


I had so much fun! Do you see the guy in the front in the tux? That’s Andrew! He’s one of the leaders of the band, called a drum major. He conducts our show. It’s pretty cool. 


He’s in the back!!


Here he is on the Jumbo Tron! Friday night we drove down to Indy on coach busses. Let’s just say I consumed half my body weight in skinny pop. Sometimes I forget that skinny pop DOES have carbs and calories. My blood sugar definitely showed it later. Oops.

We performed on Saturday, and after an okay hotel breakfast and a pretty bad ceasar salad in Lucus Oil Stadium, I was so ready to come home and eat real food! 

On Sunday I got the unique opportunity to try Indian food. I went to a place called “I dream of Falafel” with my mom. It was delicious! I didn’t order falafels, but my mom did, and she let me try some. They were so good! While eating out wasn’t the healthiest option, I love trying new foods and couldn’t pass up this opportunity.


Yum. I have no idea what half of this food was-but it was good! I gave the bread to my mom in exchange for a falafel!

Yesterday was an interesting day. As a junior, I am visiting all the colleges on my “list.” I choose colleges based on a few things, their Speech Pathology program (my intended major-as of now!), their size (I want small class sizes but not smaller than my high school, so at least 3,000) and the feel of the campus. I love cities and I’m hoping to live in a small city in college. 

On Monday I visited one of my top choices, Marquette University in Milwaukee. 


Ohhh my gosh. I loved it. I really see myself having a great time here. It’s got everything I want! It’s a little big, but the campus is quite condensed so it feels smaller. I fell in love with this campus. 


It looked like this. Except covered in snow. Yep, it snowed on November 11th…

The snow meant ice on the highways. As my mom was driving home, she was getting on the highway and the car went over a patch of ice. The breaks didn’t work so my mom swerved to avoid hitting the stopped car in front of her. We ended up stuck over the median and hit the edge of the other car. 


Their car

I’ve been in a car accident once before. My dad was driving the van with all of us in it to my Aunt’s for Easter. He wasn’t paying attention and drove straight into another (stopped) car on the highway. That was scary. The airbags went off, the windshield shattered, the car traveled like 10 yards and we knocked over a sign on the highway… It was pretty bad. Obviously that car was totaled, so my dad bought a newer minivan to replace it. 

Well now my parents are divorced, and so the minivan is our only car. That minivan is sitting somewhere and hour away waiting to be fixed. We don’t know if it’s driveable or not. 

The bridge was so icy, 4 accidents occurred within 15 minutes and 1 block of where ours happened. I was calling 911 to report the accident when I looked out the window and watched another crash happen- much worse than ours, involving 4 cars and broken glass and airbags. That crash required an ambulance. The whole scene was very frightening. Our car died and it was 30 degrees outside and the police didn’t come for an hour and 45 minutes. They ended up blocking the entire road. 

I got to ride in the back of a police car which was pretty cool. They don’t have cushions back there! It’s just a bench! The police officer was very nice and drove us to a mall where my mom’s friend’s husband picked us up. 

It’s moments like this that make me consider how incredibly lucky I am. I’m lucky to have such an amazing mother who was more worried about my sister than the car or the ticket. I’m lucky to have been in the accident that I was in.. and not the one I saw 2 lanes over. I’m lucky to be alive, because the crash could have been much, much worse, and I was sitting in the front seat. Suddenly the little things like my math homework and whether or not I was going to be under my calorie goal on myfittnesspal didn’t seem so important and I can more clearly see the big picture. 

This Thanksgiving season I am thankful to have people who love me and a life where all of my needs are met. I am so lucky to have the life that I have and the wonderful people in it. ❤

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? What has made you reexamine your priorities?



P.S. Somebody help me with uploading pictures from an Iphone. The sizes are all funky from the wordpress app. Is there a better way to do it??


8 thoughts on “Not the average long weekend.

  1. Oh my gosh-that’s terrible! I’m glad you guys are ok though! As for uploading photos-on my phone it gives me size options and I choose “original.” Hope that helps!

  2. Wow, the bands of america event sounds so cool! And the food looks super delicious. 🙂

    So sorry about the accident, really glad you’re okay!

    I think I choose original too. But I much prefer blogging with windows live writer on my laptop as opposed to my iphone. Typing on the tiny screen just drives me a little insane sometimes. 😛

    • It was! Thanks Shawn!!
      I have to check out Windows Live Writer. I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for the advice, I need all the help I can get! Right now I’ve been typing up the posts on my computer, and adding pictures from the app, then rearranging it again on my computer.

  3. WHAT?! This is crazy! So happy you’re okay! I’ve never been in an accident before, thankfully.

    What instrument do you play? I’m in percussion! And you have 3,000 kids at your school?! I have 450 grades 9-12! As for iPhone pics, can’t help ya there. I refuse to blog off my phone!

    • I think I have bad luck in minivans on holidays. I’ll have to remember that.. Haha (: I play oboe in Wind Ensemble and Flute in marching band. Percussion is awesome- truth- I would have done percussion if I had taken 2 years of piano (a requirement for our band). I can’t imagine having 450 people in a high school! You must know EVERYONE! 3,000 is a lot though. Our hallways are packed. I should try taking real pictures instead of using iphone pictures.. haha (:

  4. I have a lot of friends who are at Marquette! Did you like it there?!! It’s so fun searching for colleges 🙂 And I’m sorry about the accident! As my grandma likes to say, “accidents happen”. I hope everything is going well for you lately!

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