Healthy Eats Week- Day 2: Lunch

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re having a great day. (:

Today I am SO BUSY. I had summer running (ran 3 very easy miles today), then I ran to skit practice. My high school puts on a event for incoming freshmen. I am one of the leaders, and we have to put together skits. I had practice from 8-12 today.

For healthy eats week day 2 I am writing about what I am eating right now… lunch!

Perhaps my healthiest habit is lunch. (Almost) Every day, I try to have a BIG FAT SALAD. (:

I start with dark greens (baby lettuce, baby spinach, whatever we have around. Always dark though, never iceburg or similar!!)
Then I add whatever I feel like adding. Usually a red/yellow pepper, sometimes tomatoes, slivered almonds, walnuts, cheese, dried cranberries, strawberries, pretty much whatever I have lying around. 
I always top it with my Annie’s light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. My all-time favorite dressing. 
Not only does a BIG FAT SALAD pack in TONS of nutrients, it tends to keep me pretty full until my afternoon snack. Yay! (: Normally for lunch I will add a cheese stick or some chobani or crackers or Ezekiel bread or whatever for a bit more protein.
I think I’m obsessed with my Big Fat Salads. I just finished eating this one! Spinach, red pepper, almonds, and a cucumber from someone’s garden! 
That cucumber made me want to start my own garden. If I only had the time! I would love to garden and grow my own fruits and veggies when I am older. 
Tonight I have dinner at Carrabas- free! I saw a promo on facebook and signed myself and my mom up. We each get to bring a guest and try a “trio” for absolutely free. I can’t wait! Certainly not the cleanest/healthiest meal, but things like this are worth it. If I have an option, I’ll try to order the healthier option! 
After that I have Marching Band practice! We start our weekday practices tonight. 6-10pm. Then I go home quickly and get to sleep so I can wake up at 5:30 for running. 
I’ll leave you with some Tuesday funnies:
Are you busy this week? What’s your go-to lunch? 
Are you going to watch PLL tonight… Or are you going to watch it On Demand tomorrow like I am? (:

12 thoughts on “Healthy Eats Week- Day 2: Lunch

  1. Ginormous salads are my go to lunch too! Never gets old-such a delicious blank canvas! Right now I'm eating one with lettuce, sprouts, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, carrot, black beans and sweet potato with honey mustard, basaltic and nutritional yeast. My friends always marvel at the amount of produce I can consume in one sitting haha! Sounds like your days are absolutely packed! Im relishing in my last, slightly un-busy week before school starts -and PLL on DVR tomorrow is the only way -I don't even know the last time I watched a commercial haha!

  2. PLL for life girllll! Except I think I'll have to watch it tomorrow, so I'm staying off of twitter tonight! Too many spoilers! That little mermaid picture made me literally lol! 'D cups are too big' that is great!

  3. That sounds like an amazing salad! (: I've never put sweet potato on my salad, I've got to try that. I'm doing a bit of blogging before watching PLL… I'm so excited! (:

  4. I love a good salad! Some seem to view salads as boring, but they can be amazing when you throw in lots of goodies like you do! Some just don't do it right – lettuce+dressing isn't a salad in my opinion. :)My go to lunch lately is a pizza quesadilla – tortilla (lately Ezekiel sprouted tortillas), pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, and fresh basil. Of course I always accompany it with broccoli and honey mustard πŸ˜‰ (and usually some nuts or yesterday, baked tofu, yum!)

  5. That's totally not a salad! You've got to give it some pizazz! (: I cannot find Ezekiel tortillas ANYWHERE near me!! 😦 I need help!! That sounds delicious. Your meals are always so creative!

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