Weekend Recap.

Helloooo and happy Monday! (:

I had such a busy weekend. Friday night I had a “New Runner” dinner & bonfire. I love the Cross Country girls. They are all so sweet! I loved hearing the inspirational stories. One of my good friends started the season with a 29 minute time (3 miles), and finished the season under 23 minutes!! I can only dream of that kind of improvement. Amazing.

Saw this on instagram. love it.

I got home a bit before 10:00, so that I could do my long run with the team on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I accidentally slept through my alarm.. I got up at 6:30, when I was supposed to be running!

I was so upset. I had really been looking forward to this long run, and I had promised to bring the team bagels, but at that point it was too late. I decided it was my body’s way of saying I really needed a day off. I had terrible shin splints, and I figured a rest day couldn’t hurt.

Since I got to eat a real breakfast, I got to try PB2! I had picked up the chocolate kind with a 30% off GNC coupon I had.

PB2 with a whole wheat bagel. Totally delicious.

UMMMM YUM. That stuff is delicious! I like it more than normal peanut butter. It still has all the protein of regular peanut butter, just with less calories, because of the absence of oil. 

I spent the rest of the day walking around Chicago with my dad & sister. I needed compression socks, but couldn’t find anywhere that carried them 😦 Any suggestions?

Totally random, but I love healthy snacks & colorful sharpies.

Things are a bit awkward here at home. My parents are at court this morning to finalize everything. Yesterday, my dad got an apartment. He moves out this weekend. My sister really liked the apartment, but I haven’t seen it. Both of my parents won’t shut up about each other. “Your father only cares about money. He hasn’t paid for anything for you for over a year!!” or “Your mother is walking away with all my money. I can’t afford anything.”
Divorce makes parents become children, I swear.

Hopefully things will finally get better after this weekend!

I spent Sunday cleaning my room. I am naturally a very messy person, and I have more clothes than a normal person should own. I went through all my clothes, did lots of laundry, and got bags ready to donate! My room is a lot more organized now. I’ll post more pictures once I am done with the “stuff” part of it, not just the clothes (;

This morning was NOT my morning. I got a charley horse last night, and I had to roll it out today… OUCH. Also, I managed to drop my iphone. I keep it in an otterbox, but now the lock button and the speakerphone mic don’t work. Yay.

At least I had a nice 5-miler today! Running makes it all better (; I also get to meet up with a friend for DQ tonight! Haven’t seen her all summer.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?
Are you naturally messy or naturally organized?



13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap.

  1. Ugh! I'm so sorry about your parents! I dropped my iPod on my run – and I have been needing to replace the case. The entire screen is cracked (I've had it for a year and a half). Darn it!

  2. Awe I'm so sorry about what your parents (and you) are going through. 😦 It'll all be okay though. Just keep running – it does seem to fix everything! ;)Chocolate PB2 sounds absolutely amazing! I definitely need to check it out.And running stories are always so inspirational. That's an incredible improvement for your teammate – yay for her!

  3. I love that picture you found about running!I am so sorry to hear about your parents.My parents split when I was 17 and it was extremely difficult.Sending warm thoughts your way.

  4. I feel so awkward because I don't mean to be complaining about it… It's more annoying than anything! I'm so relieved it's almost over! So sorry about your ipod 😦 That totally sucks. That stuff is expensive to replace! Way too expensive for how fragile they are… Thanks for your email by the way!

  5. Thank you so much Alex! (: Running has a way of making everything… okay. Or better than okay (: You NEED to try that stuff. Just warning you, it's pretty addicting. I am almost 1/3 done with the container. I had it twice today! (:

  6. A little late on this post Emily, but I'm so sorry for what your parents and you are going for. When I have hard times, I just keep running. It's a stress releaver and a constant during tough times. My family has so many divorces in it, and I was always crushed by marriages falling apart, but I can now say the good that has come from these splits are many. Hopefully one day you'll be able to look back and see the good/blessing in this hard time. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Emily! Also, I like writing down snacks and such too. It's odd but I love doing it. Colored sharpies also make anything THAT much better!

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