Oneee last post before I leave!

Notice anything different? (:

(Sophie gets really excited about licking the Chobani containers.)

Thank you to Katherine at Peanut Butter Lover for the wonderful post on adding the pinterest button to pictures. You can now pin my lovely iphone pictures. (;

Speaking of blogs I like: Miranda at Miranda Runs is trying something new called Totally Truthful Tuesdays and I thought I would join in!

Totally Truthful Tuesday #1

I’m scared to go to the bahamas. It’s the first trip I will have ever gone on with a single parent. The truth is, my parents have been in the looooooooooooong process of divorce for over a year. I’m not upset about the divorce- they are better without each other and I have known that for a long time! It will just be weird having only one parent on this trip.

Currently, my dad still lives at our house but he sleeps on an air mattress and will be moving out sometime this summer. Or so I was told. (I was previously told Christmas, then April, and now sometime this summer…) Most people would be sad that their dad is moving out but I just want him to get his own place already! It’s not fun having parents who strongly dislike each other living together.

Honestly I started running to get away from everything at home. It works! I am really, truly happy when I run. When I don’t… the stress of it starts to get to me. I’m very thankful for everything that running has given to me in the past few months.

I really hope this doesn’t come off as a pity post, because I don’t mean for it to be. The divorce is like diabetes- it’s just another part of my life. Yes, it’s not exactly fun, but it’s part of who I am right now.



8 thoughts on “Oneee last post before I leave!

  1. Hey Emily! I know what you mean- my parents got divorced recently and it was our first family vacation with only one parent. It's not too bad though! that would be amazing if you could run in the Bahamas too. Can't wait to hear about it. And your dog melts my heart haha

  2. I'm praying for you and sending happy thoughts your way girl! I don't know how you're feeling because my parents are still married, but I can't imagine how difficult it is to go through and all the emotions you're feeling! I hope everything works out! This vacation may be just what you need! I love all your Pinnable pictures! I can't believe I understand a technical part of blogging! Yay! Your dog is so adorable! I have cats, but dogs hold a special spot in my heart! :)I love all your honesty in this post! Your honesty just shows how strong you are! I can't wait to hear how you climb this mountain and become a stronger, more amazing person than you already are!

  3. Don't worry girl you are not alone! My parents went through a divorce when I was little. I actually enjoy having them separated from each other! The only downside is that they absolutely hate each other… so I always feel torn between both sides of my family. Besides that, having divorced parents really isn't so bad! If you ever need to talk, feel free to email me!

  4. Thank you so much- I only have one friend with divorced parents so I'm so glad I have blogging friends who have been through it. It really wasn't that bad! And I ran once, but going down the waterslides and swimming all day made me too tired to run more. (:

  5. I think it was just what I needed. Thanks again for teaching me how to do that, seriously the coolest thing ever (: Thank you so much for those encouraging words. It means a lot to me (:

  6. Thank you so much Brittany for that comment (: That was so sweet of you. I am really glad that others know what this is like! I think I will enjoy my parents being separated too.

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