Just dropping in

Happy Tuesday everyone! What a busy couple of days…

On Father’s Day I went out to dinner with my sister, Dad, and his side of the family. 
My hair looked good for the first time in my life so I took a few selfies. Okay the collage makes me look conceited. Somehow when I signed onto blogger this picture was under “my phone pictures”. I never made a collage. Magic? Yes.
Yay for wearing makeup and anything besides running shorts! (;
Yesterday I had my first day of SUMMER RUNNING with the cross country girls!! 
The first page of workouts…
I had a blast. Everyone is so nice, and there is even another Type 1 diabetic! (: I am not the slowest one there, so my fears were irrational. There is a group of “beginning runners” who run a pace that is perfect for me. I love having others to motivate me on a run! The run seems so short when running with so many girls.
In addition to a run, we have been doing speedwork (sprints) and Core work and Leg work. It’s HARD! The front of my right leg hurts a lot. Crossing my fingers I’m not getting shin splints.
I only got 2 days of camp because tomorrow at 3:30AM I head to the airport. Bahamas, here I come!
This means I will have to say goodbye for a few days 😦 I’m not going to have a computer, and, well, I just want to enjoy my vacation and not even think about blogging. 
I will, however, be on instagram! (: Follow my new BLOG account, @emilysmilesformiles
As far as running, since I have the workout schedule, I want to stay as on-top-of-it as I possibly can! I’m really hoping there is a safe path that I can run on by my hotel. The gym I would have access to costs $15 for a day pass, or $50 for a week. That’s a lot of money to pay to run!
My question is… Should I bring my garmin? Without it, I will have no idea how far I’ve run, but I also don’t want to lose it. Comment and tell me what you think. (:
I’ve got a TON of packing to do! Check back in a week for my vacation recap. Till then, find me on Instagram (:
Do you take selfies when you get dressed up, or is that just me? (; 
Do you bring your GPS watch on vacations? What is your instagram username? 

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