Recovery Plan

I am currently recovering from a very bad cough/cold/fever that I had for about a week. It really messed up my training, and even though I have been better for the past five days, it has really interfered with running. I have to stop and cough up icky stuff about three or four times during a quick 2 mile run- and I cough for about an hour afterwards. I have noticed my mile time has decreased by about a minute and I am just so much more worn out since being sick.

I just need to get back into things.

Two week training plan:
             Mon     Tues     Wed     Thurs       Fri          Sat        Sun            Total

One 2 miles
Rest Rest 2.5 miles
Rest 3 miles 2 easy miles 9.5 miles
Two 2.5 miles Rest 3 miles Rest 4 miles 2 easy miles Mother’s day 5k RACE! 14.5miles

I’m struggling to figure out how to schedule my runs with that 5k race in there. If I’m feeling good, I may just do the 4 mile run this Saturday so I can go all out in the 5k.

5k Goals:
My ultimate goal would be to run the 5k in 33 minutes. However, I have promised to run with a friend on our fundraising team, so I will stick with her and she has been sick too (how ironic!) so she may be going slower than her usual. I’m really just looking to have fun in this race!

Happy Thursday!



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