Sorry I have been MIA for the last week or so. I was having crazy sugars and had to adjust some things with the pump… I was high enough to throw up a couple times, so I’ve been focusing my time on my numbers and then getting caught up at school. #teenagediabeticprobs.

I have always looked up to those people who can run for miles and miles just because they love it. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people, but I’ve never really…. done it. Now’s my chance. Things with school are slowing down a tiny bit (without marching band) and I’m antsy to DO SOMETHING with my life. My blood sugars had been way off for about a month, when I finally made the switch back to the pump and started really putting the effort in to care about my body and my numbers.

A great number! I’m doing better! (:
I’ve decided that I’m going to run a 5k. I’m doing this to prove to myself that my body isn’t broken, and to show others that I’m strong despite having a difficult disease. 
I’m using the Couch to 5k plan, using the app “C25K free” on my iphone. 
I’m working out at the YMCA three times a week. I’ll run a 5k (or 10k if I’m ready) in June. 
However, I don’t want that race to be the end of my journey. My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon in September of 2013. 
I’m looking into the Indianapolis Women’s Half Marathon. 
When I run the half, I will raise money for the American Diabetes Association through their fundraising site. 
I’ll be blogging about my running journey over the next couple of weeks (:
Have you ever run a race?
Do you have any helpful tips for someone just getting started?
What has been your favorite race, and why?

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